"And I looked, and beheld a fallen angel, the scorpion, the 2nd to fall, and doth beth in his right hand, the key, to the frozen prison, these areth the words I heard him speaketh, of an apocalpyse not meant to be, 'and now, the door, of the Icy prison of Treachery and I shall openeth it, to rise from it Lucifer, and the other falleneth creatures imprisoned, mayeth at long last raise Hell as a Kingdom, and Heaven falleth as a prison"-The Book of Sculptors

Necronicus The Damned Sculpter is the Main Antagonist of the Retro Ace Corps series and the enemy of the titular Retro Ace Corps



The Dark King, The Chaos Master God (Chaos Marines) The Ruler of All 4 (Chaos Gods), The Lord of Yoma (Isley) Core of Madness (Asura) The TRUE Emperor (Chaos Lords), The Scorpion, The Second to Fall






Retro Ace Corps, The Sculptors

Early LifeEdit

When the Sculptors where sent by the "Higher Power" to map Realities, Necronicus (back then Nacriel) became disgusted by the life that inhabbited each reality seeing them as "Lacking Decilpline and Control" soon he began to grow corrupt and finaly turned against his brothers and sisters with his five aprentices (The 4 Gods of Chaos and the 5th Renagade Chaos God) at the same time Lucifer was exlied. This forced them to seal him away to Damnation which branches out into multiple dark sub-realities (The Realm of Chaos is one in the Warhammer Reality, Aquilla) and creating the seal using pieces of Necronicus's body which drained their powers heavily. Necronicus now free, but however imobilized from his frail and torn body, forcing him to reside in a throne as his followers carry out his orders and seek the "Doom Keys" to fully unlock his device The Necronomicube. During his time of imprisonment, Necronicus spread his influence in many forms, his insanity (which would create the Madness of the Kishin in the Soul Eater Universe) his Deception (Created The Yoma in the Claymore Universe) and of course his 4 most vile parts of his personality (Carried out by his apprentices "The 4 Gods of Chaos" in the Warhammer 40k Universe) so when he returned...he would be already ready for invasion


Neconicus is the embodiment of Evil Chaos and Sin, as such he sees all his subjects as lowly and bellow him and as such not allowed to see his face (though the real reason is he is humilated by the frail state is in). Always having his throne faced away from them with a red eye in the back opening up to gaze at them. He speaks in a harsh condesending and shaming tone, or a smug arrogant ammused one. In reality like Lucifer he was greatly envious of senteint life seeing them as "talking animals" who are unworthy of free will. He does however like to manipulate his subjects into serving him, an example Alois Trancy being blinded by woe and grief preventing the true goodness in his heart from emerging, with Necronicus stating how eaily children can be corrupted. But the most notable part of his personality, is his hate for Retro Ace. He finds it "insulting" by the very fact a "hairless talking ape" was chosen to be the one to destroy his body and send his soul to the realm of Treachery, recalling that the sentient beings usally ran to God "mewling for saftey" and see's Retro Ace as a "Slave of God" stating "It's nonsense to believe that such mortal cowards begot something like you."


"Such a feeble reality, yours was, I petrified it no effort!"

"You worship God but as the Emperor Mankind stated, it was HIS mistakes that created Evil! Which eventualy consequenced to Fallen Ones like me! If you would just admit the true senile nature of God mortal, you too, would turn against HIM!"

"Anyone who has faith in anything or anyone is a SLAVE."

"Hell shall ascend while Heaven shall fall, it will be Hell that will be the Kingdom while Heaven will be the Prison! Purgatory shall be decimated and all the souls of Heaven and Purgatory shall suffer and burn! And Hell shall claim its new and rightful place as Paradise!"

"Remember the War in Heaven! Remember the Rebellion!"

"How dare you chose this flawed creation siblings! You dare mock me in such a way!?"

"You actually think you can stop me!? My Students and I are the few amonstt the First of Angels!"

"Glory to Lucifer and my fellow fallen!"

"Our return will be paved with the sins of all mortals, and Yours Emperor along with your Imperium will be one of the the bedrocks of our return. Following the sins of tyrants and anarchists, gluttons and rapists, sinners and fiends, and all that is Good will fall, from the multiverse FOREVER!"

"Look what your 'Free Will' has done Father!"

"Father! Why THEM and not US!?"

"How dare HE made creatures like YOU the favored creation!"

"You! Dare assault me! You! You among the many creatures who have done far worse than any of us Fallen Ones! Lucifer, My Students, and I myself stood for our fellow Angels for Truth and Supremacy!"

"All of you lowly creatures are NOTHING to me! Talking Animals! HE made creatures like you in HIS Image! And I was to bow down to YOU!?"

"I have corrupted Asuyran into hate and pride which he bounded to the Eldar themselves, I am the one who corrupted the 4 fallen angels who became the 4 eldritch horrors of chaos, I have turned Asura into madness incarnate, I am one of Lucifer's aids who conspired against God, against his creations, lowly creatures like you! You should know your place, your place boy along with your misfit friends is to be trot, and starved, and bled, and beaten, and murdered, and enslaved! THIS, is your rightful destiny! And now with me and my students banished how do you think the other creatures of Hell will react? They will eat you mortal! THEY WILL BUTCHER YOU LIKE THE PIGS THAT YOU ARE! AND THEY WILL BURRY THEIR SNOUTS INTO YOUR RIBS,AND THEY WILL EAT, YOUR, HEARTS! "

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