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My Girlfriends a Echidna
Format Dramedy, Fantasy, Anime Series
Created by Theodorefairlyoddparents67
No. of episodes 26
Rated TV PG-13
English Network TBS, MBS, CBC, TUT, Centipede Network
First aired October 5,2010
Last aired April 5,2011

My Girlfriends a Echidna (私のガールフレンドエキッドナ Watashi no gārufurendoekiddona?) is Anime Series Creator by: Theodorefairlyoddparents67

(Category: Fantasy/Comedy/Female-target/Tearjerker/Romance)

Main CharactersEdit

  • Jose (ホセ Hose) Main' Protagonists
  • Corazon/Echidna (コラソン/ハリモグラ Korazon/Ekiduna)


  • Reckoning Religious (清算宗教)
    • Ep 1
  • Mother Nature (母なる自然)
    • Ep 2
  • Gambling (ギャンブル)
    • Ep 3
  • The Violence (すさまじさ)
    • Ep 4
  • Patronage (肩入れ)
    • Ep 5

Opening Theme SongsEdit

Love Network (愛ネットワーク Ai nettowāku)

Ending Theme SongsEdit

Girl Power Love (ガールパワーラブ Gārupawārabu)

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