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Series Name
Season 1, Episode {{{number}}}
Air date October 5 2012
Written by AnimeQueen97
Episode Guide
My Big Fat Warrior Wedding, Part 1 (It's Uncle Sota's Wedding!! Bride's hiding a secret?) is an upcoming episode of the Pokemon Warriors: Next Generation series.


A wedding is hosted in the Pokemon Kingdom, and surprisingly it's Inuyumi and Ivan's uncle (Also Kagome's brother), Sota, who's marrying his childhood sweetheart. However, when the warriors are invited to participate, Inuyumi suspects something about the bride. But everyone thinks Inuyumi's delusional and gets upset with her after she tries to reveal the truth to them about Hitomi's true side, leaving Inuyumi rebuked. When Inuyumi thought she was wrong, she apologizes to Hitomi, but gets more than she expected.






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