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Musou Yami: Kuroi Sora

Story by

Akira Jotaro


Akira Jotaro


No information




Musou Yami: Kuroi Sora

Alternate title

Unrivaled Darkness: Black Skies

Music by

Toshio Masuda


Toei Animation

Running time

84 minutes





Musou Yami: Kuroi Sora (無双闇:黒い空) is a Japanese animated feature film written and directed by Akira Jotaro as the sequel to the anime series, Musou Yami. The story is about the return of Nobunaga Oda coming back from hell to the battlefield of Sekigahara where Ieyasu Tokugawa and Mitsunari Ishida fight to rule Japan.


After returning back to the human world as a true demon, Nobunaga had forgotten everything except his desire to unite and rule the land. Having no memories, it was easier for Nobunaga to focus on his ambition but had no idea how big the land was, so he decided to conquer the world with his army of the souless and wipe everything out into nothingness. All remaining warriors of Japan had decided to gather together and cast aside their differences in order to defeat Nobunaga as the true final battle of the Warring States.


Nobunaga Oda Jun Fukuyama
Ieyasu Tokugawa Yuya Miyashita
Ishida Mitsunari Daisuke Ono
Tenkai Toru Okawa
Masamune Date Romi Park

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