Moonlight Blossom

Story by

Akira Jotaro


Christophe Gans


Akira Jotaro

Alternate TItle


Music by

Jeff Danna

Akira Yamaoka



Warner Bros.

Running Time

112 minutes





Moonlight Blossom is the American adapted film version of Aozora's survival horror video game, Tsukiakari, and was rewritten and produced by the original creator, Akira Jotaro, and directed by Christophe Gans.


Seven years ago, Maya Kennedy had lost the memories of what had happened on the 13th day of October. Now 25 years old, Maya decides to go back to the island of where she had lost her memories and her best friend, Nina, and try to get them back. As Maya enters the island, she meets a detective named Kevin Scarlet and he tells her about the investigation that he has been doing on the island for seven years, about how a girl went missing as if she never existed and how an old mansion that doesn't exist always seems to be the key to the answers. Soon on the island, Maya meets an old Japanese man who liked to be called "Pops" and had told her about the old spirits that haunt the island, so he gives Maya a deck of what seemed to be old Japanese talismen and told her about the old mansion in the east of the island, but he then disappears after as if he was never there. So as Maya went to see the old mansion in the east and had found it, even though the detective had said that he has already checked there so many times. As Maya enters the mansion, she is confronted by many ghosts and sees a figure that looked like a man and also sees things that also look like her best friend.


Maya Kennedy Mia Wasikowska
Detective Kevin Scarlet Danny Glover
Nina Sally Martin
Shop Keeper "Pops" Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
Killer Ghost Mark William Calaway

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