This is a transcript for the Baka-Chan episode Moby Twit.

  • [It is sunset. A cat is seen with a glass eyepice scanning a sign. The sign reads "If you can read this, you are smarter than a rock. If you can read the whole thing, you are smarter than a rock or a Rat, which are both similar."]
  • [The Ratz girls walk by and see it sitting still and notice it doesn't run away from the clanking of their thick, clunky shoes]
  • Zoe: Ew... like, a cat!
  • Natasha: Is it reading that sign?
  • Gem: I know! I know! Let's read it to see!
  • Yolanda: And we can prove we're smarter than the fleabag. [The girls try to read it, but are unable to] Hmm... it doesn't seem to have any words worth reading like, "hot", "fetch", "fashion", "prada" or "pomeranian".
  • Zoe: [growls annoyedly] Go on, cat! Shoo! [the cat doesn't respond] Like, go away already!
  • [The cat turns its head slowly, but looks calm. It then suddenly leaps on to Zoe as she shrieks. The cat then claws her head up in a puff of smoke and fur. The other girls run around panicking while Gem tries to pour water on the cat attacking Zoe, only for the bucket to have a hole in the bottom, where the water pours on her]
  • Gem: My makeup!
  • [the next day at school]
  • Hilda: Zoe didn't come to class today. I heard it's because that she got into a scruffle with a cat. The cat mostly missed, but gave her one small scratch on her face that wasn't even bleeding. But she still couldn't stand to be seen with it.
  • Juno: What a shame...
  • Both: [cheering, with confetti raining around them] YES!


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