Moby Twit is the third episode of Baka-Chan. With Ku now living with her, Juno wonders what they're going to do next, but they run into a dragon.


The episode opesn with a red cat with an eye peice scanning a sign. The Ratz walk by it and attempt to prove they're smarter by reading the sign. Unable to read it as it doesn't have any words "worth reading", miffed at being outsmarted by the cat, they try to scare it away, but the cat attacks.

The next day at school, the situation is discussed by the students. Hilda and Juno are happy to hear this.

After class, when Mr. Beeblebrox's head has come undone and is a balloon floating around, the two girls head back to the park, but Ku shrinks herself and Juno down and climb a tree and meet its inhabitants, and that includes a red squirrel named Alicia, who tells them about a dragon that she knows.

More TBA


  • Zoe: Ew... like, a cat!
  • Natasha: Is it reading that sign?
  • Gem: I know! I know! Let's read it to see!
  • Yolanda: And we can prove we're smarter than the fleabag. [The girls try to read it, but are unable to] Hmm... it doesn't seem to have any words worth reading like, "hot", "fetch", "fashion", "prada" or "pomeranian".
  • Zoe: [growls annoyedly] Go on, cat! Shoo! [the cat doesn't respond] Like, go away already!
  • [The cat turns its head slowly, but looks calm. It then suddenly leaps on to Zoe as she shrieks. The cat then claws her head up in a puff of smoke and fur. The other girls run around panicking while Gem tries to pour water on the cat attacking Zoe, only for the bucket to have a hole in the bottom, where the water pours on her]
  • Gem: My makeup!

  • Hilda: Zoe didn't come to class today. I heard it's because that she got into a scruffle with a cat. The cat mostly missed, but gave her one small scratch on her face that wasn't even bleeding. But she still couldn't stand to be seen with it.
Juno: What a shame...
Both: [cheering, with confetti raining around them] YES!



Moby Twit (Transcript)

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