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258px-Mrs Tweedy
Mrs Tweedy is the Main Antagonist of Adventure Around the World Arc She sounds exactly like Bunty. She was the British, sadistic, evil, selfish, short-tempered owner of the Tweedys' farm.


Mrs Tweedy plans With a Number Cannon to Open the Portal to the Real World and Then Reveals Herself as the Queen Of 2 World so, Cillian Lorcan and Nightmare challenges Her into a 3v1 Duel and She Accepts their Challenge, She transformed into a robotic devil form for the Duel, her D-Pad and D-Gazer integrated into her body. She immediately Summons "Number 53: Heart-eartH", whose effects controlled the Duel easily. Cillian's reckless plays gave Lorcan an idea and "Shield Fin" helped turn the tide of the Duel. Nightmare's "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon" destroyed "Heart-eartH" and appeared to defeat Tweedy, but when the dust cleared, another "Number" had appeared.[20] With this "Number", "Number 92: Heart-eartH Dragon", Tweedy turned the tide of the Duel again, restoring her Life Points by easily dispatching the "Chaos Numbers" of both Cillian and Lorcan.


Miss Tweedy uses a Garbage/Heart-earTH Deck with her 2 Numbers.

Cillian Lorcan and Nightmare Darcy   


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