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Miss Magic
Format Anime series
Created by  ???
English Network The Right Stuf Network
Starring Rebecca Handler
First aired November 3, 2012


A 10-year-old girl named Karen obtains the power to transform into her magical girl alter-ego.


  • Karen Cornwall (Karin Miyaka)
  • Karen's Parents
  • Kyle (Kai) and Tyler (Tai)- Karen's twin older brothers.
  • Justine Jansen - Karen's tomboyish friend. At first they didn't quite get along since Justine teased her.
  • Lorna Addams - Karen's bespecatcled, purple-haired friend. Formerly part of a yuppie clique, until they deserted her, she is usually the most uptight, but marvels at and slightly envies Karen's spirit, though she tries not to show it.
  • Jessica - Older cousin of Justine.
  • Jennifer - Jessica's mother.
  • Ginku - Karen's magical pet.
  • Sorren (Sora)
  • Vicki


  • Taeko Kawata, Rebecca Handler - as Karen
  • ???, Rachel Lillis - as Lorna
  • ???, Kerry Williams - as Justine

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