Misao Sarahi is an Innocent 17 year old girl who ran away from her home after her father were trying to execute Kagome and Miyuki, Most of the people in the world thought she was armless, but She can possibly be seen with her arms because it can be controlled either with her mind but the usual and her arms can even fly off in a 5m Range, It was no disease, She was born with the ability and it stays permanently, her arms always follow wherever she goes, She has an Aging disease like kagome has, And her skin (Except the skin of her head) Cannot be exposed and contacted to the outside or she could be killed with extremely high grade Seizures, Her waste dissapears making her still much healthier, If anyone trys to take her bandages off, Her arm will apear in a fracture of a second and would warn them but if they still didn't listen, She will try to break one of the victims arms and would try to paralyse the victim because she never wanted to die, However she felt pain all the time but felt strong abound handeling the pain, Making her impossible to cry and die from extreme pain, She does have interests in BDSM like the other, They're almost like similar, She was found 1 month after Kagome got found and it is always windy wherever Misao stands making her extremely extraordinary, Her arms can also be either invisible or visible, but she was rarely seen with her arms and was questioned by alot of people, She has lots of histories of ebola but survived everyone of the them, She was also known the be the first one who diescovered that oxygen and CO2 levels were getting higher again, Kagome Kagome was one of her favourite games, as she liked to get blindfolded. She was not always armless because her arms can conect (If it's in the correct position), The bandages also connect but her arms move 2x faster,

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