Name Ming Yu
Romanji Min Yu
Nickname Master of All Art
Voiced By Hirokazu Hiramatsu
Race Chinese
Birthday March 21

27 (S.U.H.)

29 (S.U.H. 2)

31 (S.U.H. 3)

51 (S.U.H. 4)

Gender Male

6'0" (S.U.H.)

6'2" (S.U.H. 2)

6'3" (S.U.H. 4)


207lbs. (S.U.H.)

229lbs. (S.U.H. 4)

Eyes Brown


Gray (S.U.H. 4)

Blood Type A
Personal Status
Birthplace Luoyang, China
Relatives Unnamed student (cousin), Ming Shu (father)
Education Shaolin Monk
Occupation Master
Fighting Style
Fighting Style

Wing Chun/Changquan/Baguazhang

Zuiquan (when drunk)




Jack Long



Hinamori Raikuro

"Time is what you need; come back when you're truly ready!"

Ming Yu is a character from the Strongest Under Heaven anime and game series.


Yu is a loose and almost carefree acting man but in a fight, he is strict and harsh, almost as if he is willing to kill his opponent. When he is teaching his students, he is also strict and harsh but does not have the sense that he is willing to kill someone. He hates it when he is forgotten by people he knows and will usually get angry or will go into a depression.


For years now, the school that he has trained under has had all of its masters fight in the Strongest Under Heaven Tournaments due to the friendship between the first master and Rikuo Saiga. After many years training as a shaolin monk, he has left his temple in order to gain knowledge of more kung-fu and had joined the Baihu School of Kung-Fu, a school that teaches many different kung-fu style. As time passed by, he had mastered all the martial arts of the school and had became its new master. Now it is Ming Yu's turn to fight in the tournament for the tradition of the Baihu School in his first Strongest Under Heaven Tournament.


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