Silver Guild

Bron: Yo, Mina!

Mina: Hello, Master!

Bron: How's ya brother?

Mina: I don't know what he's doing. He's in Gold Guild anyway.

Bron: Awww... Your a cute girl. Your perfect to be Cleru's girlfriend.

Mina: Master, it's not like that!

Mina: If Cleru hears this...

Bron: I'm just kidding. You're so fun to tease.

Kagro Volcano

???: That's it...

Mina: Huh?

Ureksa: I didn't expect the the Hero of Seijent would show up here. But i understand everything now. I can't hope to be a hero to eveyone. I just want to help one person.

Mina: Help one person?! Who?!

Cleru: What do you mean?

Ureksa: It's none of your business. Go back to Wystern.

Mina: Father...

Pratty: Never! Unless you tell us what will you do with dad's sword.

Mina: Father?! You were talking about "Shintetsu's Sword"?!

Ureksa: You'll never understand my motives. My life is different from your life. You two are children of Shintetsu, Cleru and Pratty.

Zitrone: Master Mina, we have no choice. We have to fight.

Mina: Then let's fight.

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