Mikuru Sakuta is a Young Rich 18 year old girl from the series (Blind of the Carboniferous) who suffers a rare disease that cannot eveolve anymore but cannot even be cured while the disease is permanently inside of her. She is known to be one oh Kouta's friends which she didn't meet  for 3 years due to moving away, and met again when Mikuru was found with her eyes bleeding near the grass wearing a blindfold, She wears it almost all the time because the symptom for the disease as the eyes contact light, her eyes will be in extreme pain after lots hours of light contact as painful as a Sting of a bark scorpion and in rare cases, it will be bleeding, She regenerates her blood while being blindfolded, She isn't as sad if she goes blind, She also ages 50% than the normal which means she can be young longer, She is immortal which means not even a deadly disease, Not even HIV can kill her which means her cells will regenerate, But not if it shuts down so the only way she can die is from old age, If her systems begin to fail, It also begins to regenerate making her impossible to die from organ failures and coma's, She is real smarter and braver than an Averge 18 year old, She is very pretty and can also solve the Rubik's cube Blindfolded, She has extreme interests in BDSM which she doesn't mind if she was shakled, She is very Extraordinary but still a major part of the human race.

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