This series is a prequel to the Kingdom Hearts series and a semi-ish sequel to Who Framed Roger Rabbit 1/2 (from Sailor Moon Toon).

Chronological EpisodesEdit


  • The Maltese Egg
  • UPDATE: Wonders of Wonderland
  • UPDATE: Goin' Down South
  • Racist or Not Racist
  • UPDATE: My Master, Yen Sid
  • UPDATE: A Looney Tuney Day (Focuses on the WB Toons)
  • A Mouse King and a Dragon (Non-Mickey or Comrades Ep)
  • UPDATE: From the Cartoon Wasteland (Focuses on Oswald & Forgotten Toons)
  • Of Barriers & Forbidden Relationships
  • To Be a King

(More Info to Come)

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