FA: Mermaid Sisters, Epsiode 9, The Battle Has Just Begun

-Opening plays-

-After Opening, it shows Sun marching into her apartment, soaking wet-

Light: What happened to you?!

Sun: What happened?! WHAT HAPPENED?! Moon was what happened!

Light: Sorry! -turns back to his laptop-

Sun: -walks up- What you searching?

Kaito: -bangs on the window, and opens it- WHERE IS MOON?!

Light: -gets up, kicks Kaito in the face, and he (Kaito) falls down- Don't mess with us!

Sun: -.-" -looks at laptop-

Light: Yeah...

Sun: It's made by humans, you idiot! Why trust it?!

Light: ._. Forgot we were on land, not water...

Sun: -smacks Light's head- Id-i-ot!

Light: Sor-ry!

-there's a knock at the door, Sun opens the door, and there's a blue haired girl-

Sun: Aqua?!

Aqua: Yep!

-5 Minute Commercial Break-

Sun: Light! Aqua's here!

Light: !!! -runs toward Aqua, and jumps in the air- AQUA-SAN!!!

Aqua: -punches Light- Don't think about it...

Sun: So, you heard what happened to Moon?

Aqua: Yep! So I decided to come here!

Light: Does Queen San know about it?

Aqua: Of course! Why wouldn't she?!

Light & Sun: ...


Aqua: Sun, Sun, she's not gonna kill you, not intil she kills Moon and Light..

Sun & Light: ._.

Aqua: I know...killing her own children...-looks at Light- and servant..

Sun & Light: ....Isn't killing against the law in the ocean to kill your own children...?

Aqua: That is to everyone besides royalty...

-Ending plays-

-End of Episode 9-

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