FA: Mermaid Sister Episode 8, named The Hunt for Moon

-Opening plays-

-After Opening, it shows a quick slideshow of where Sun and Light tried to find Moon-

Sun: -falls back on bed- Still no Moon!

Kaito: -walks in- So where is Moon?!

Sun: Cla-ssi-fied! -throws a rock at Kaito, and he leaves-

-Light walks in-

Light: Get to work, Sunny!

Sun: I've looked everywhere!

Light: Well, look again!

Sun: Have you even been to the sea to look?!

Light: ._. ...Ok... -walks out-

Sun: -stands up- Ok-Ok-OK! -walks outside-

Sun: To...-points to the cliff- Cliff!

-a boy walks by-

Boy: Of course that's a cliff, moron..-keeps walking-

Sun: HEY!

-5 Minute Commercial Break-

Sun: -is on top of the cliff- ...So...No Moon.. ._.

Moon: -walks up- Why are you here...?

Sun: -turns around- Moon!! -jumps toward Moon to hug her, but Moon steps back, having Sun fall-

Moon: What's wrong with you, Moron...?

Sun: -jumps up- Why are you here?!

Moon: -takes out a red heart pendant with the edge painted black- Moon Light! -transforms-

Sun: Hey! Unfair! I can't transform! -a yellow pendant with the edge painted blue circles around Sun-

Moon: See...?

Sun: Sun Light! -transforms- Take this, Moon Light Lady! -roundhouse kicks Moon-

Moon: -grabs Sun's foot, and flips her- Id-i-ot

Sun: -jumps up- Hey! -runs toward Moon-

Moon: -pushes her in the stomach, and Sun falls off the cliff, into the water-

-Ending plays-

-End of Episode 8-

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