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FA: Time for -sneezes- ..Mermaid Sisters...Episode -sniffs- 7 named....I'm in -sneezes- Heaven...?

-Opening plays-

-After Opening, it shows Sun laying on the ground, but not unconscious-

Moon: -laughs- Now, you see how powerful I am!

Sun: ...But...not in love....

Moon: Love?! -laughs, and blasts a huge black blast at Sun-

Sun: Wah! -falls unconscious, and the screen fades to white-

-the screen then shows a orange haired man, on a cloud, and looks like he's in his 40s-

Sun: -appears about 50 feet from the man-

???: -turns to Sun, and gazes right into Sun's eyes- Hello, Daughter...

Sun: ..Who..are you...? Why do you seem familiar?

???: I'm your father! Sin Waters!

Sun: Fa-Fa-Fa-Father?!

Sin: Yep! -grins-

-5 Minute Commercial Break-

Sun: here...?

Sin: I guess you died...or atleast ALMOST died...

Sun: How can Moon be that powerful?! T_T

Sin: Selena can make anyone powerful in an instant...

Sun: But.. -body-spirit seems to fade away- ...?

Sin: -shakes head- I wanted to talk with you're going back to Earth....

Sun: So..I'm not dead...?

Sin: Gu- -screen switches to Sun's apartment, with Sun there, before Sin can finish-

Sun: -opens eyes- Huh....?

Light: -is in the chair beside the bed Sun is in-'ve been alseep for awhile...

Sun: -sees a huge bruise on Light's face- Woah! What happened?!

Light: Too much to explain...and you?

Sun: Ditto...

-Ending plays-

-End of Episode 7-

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