FA: Time for Episode 5 of Mermaid Sisters, named What We Gonna Do Now?

-(New) Opening plays- (Slideshow is not the opening, and 0:00 to 1:27) thumb|300px|right|New Opening: Thousand Enemies

-After Opening, it shows Sun, laying on the couch-

Light: -through walkie-talkie- Aren't you supposed to be looking?!

Sun: -walkie-talkie- But what are we gonna do?!

Light: -walkie-talkie- Well.. -runs in through door-

Sun: -.-" Do you what my mom would do to me?!

Light: You?! I'm the guardian!

-there's a knock on the door, and the 2 freeze-

Kaito: -comes in- What are you doing?! -looks around- Where's Moon?

Sun & Light: Eh...Heh....-dash out-

Kaito: HEY! -runs after them-

Sun & Light: -run out of the building, and run to the cliff-

Sun: -panting- Light...

Light: -panting also-

Sun: We...should...tell...-Light's eyes widen- ...Mother...

-4 Minute Commercial Break-

Light: But...then..I'll be KILLED! Literally!

Sun: -backs up to the water-

Light: ..No..

Sun: I must! -dives backward into water-

Light: Sun! You'll get captured by some idiots!

-Sun is already 20 feet below the water surface-

Light: -shakes head- SUN! -dives in water-


Sun: What do you think?!

Light: Getting yourself killed!

-a ton of black Fish-men appear-

Light: See?! I was right!

-the Fish-men spin around Sun & Light, and the 2 get rise about 10 feet-

Sun: ...What..What we gonna do now?

-Ending starts- thumb|300px|right|Ending: Skip Skip Dayo

-End of Episode 5-

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