MA: I am sorry, but the Female Announcer is Sisters, Episode 4 named Bad Family!

-Theme plays-

-After Theme, it shows Sun laying on the couch-

Sun: -yawns- I'm bored!

Light: -walks in- Hey! No time for sleeping, it's time for school!

Sun: Where's Moon?

Light: -sighs, and shakes head- Can't find her...

Sun: Can we skip today for school?

Light: -sighs- They're expecting you today or tomorrow...So..sure...

Sun: -jumps up- First, we shall search the sea!


-it shows Moon sitting on the cliff-

Moon: Mother...Why am I so different from everyone else...?

-a gray haired woman with bright, red eyes walks up-

???: -sits down on knees- Hello....

Moon: -turns around- Who

???: -laughs- I'm your aunt, Selena!

-6 minute commercial break-

Moon: Hasn't my mom mentioned you before, killing my...-jumps up- FATHER!

Selena: -stands up, and touches Moon's chin- Come on...come with me...

Moon: -whacks Selena- Why would I go with a murderer?!

Selena: -grins, snaps, and about 100 fish-man monsters appear- Change your mind?

Moon: -sighs, and stands up straight- No

Selena: Anyway.....GO, FISH-MEN!

-all the Fish-Men run toward Moon, and the the most biggest Fish-Man grabs Moon in his big fist-

Moon: -is choking, and eyes turn bright-red- Ok, Selena...

-the Fish-Men disappear-

Selena: -holds Moon's chin- Now, Dear...Let's go get you prepared...-grins-

Moon: ...Ok....-stands up-

Selena: Now...Follow me! -"Follow me" echo through the valley, and Sun and Light hear the echo-

Sun: What the...?

Light: O_O Selena's voice...

Sun: You mean....

Light: Yep...-runs to where Selena and Moon were, but they disappeared-

Sun: And....a battle?

Light: -shakes head- No...more than that...a war...

-End of Episode 4-

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