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Female Announcer: Time for everyone's favorite anime on Magic Girl..

Male Announcer: Trinity Vamprie?!

Female Annonucer: No! Mermaid Sisters! Episode 3, Lo-Lo-Love, Dre-Dre-Dream

-Theme plays-

-After theme, is shows Light in his room, with a crystal ball-

Light: I see....DEATH!

Sun: -steps in- Death? -.-"

Light: Uh... O_O

Moon: -walks in too- That crystal ball does nothing!

-music can be heard from downstairs- thumb|300px|right|The music from downstairs

All 3: ?

-Sun and Moon walk downstairs, and it's heard from B5-

Sun: It's from....

Moon: Kaito....-she knocks on the door-

Kaito: Why, hello....

Sun: What's th-

Moon: -interrupts- What beautiful music!

Kaito: -nods- Thank you!

Sun: -sighs- -thinks- I guess I can't love Kaito, 'cause he's with Moon...

-5 minute commercial break-

-After break, it shows Sun, sleeping on her bed-

-in Sun's dream, it shows Sun, who's all grow up, crying-

???: -a blonde man- Please don't cry, Sun-san!

Sun: I can't! Everything's ruined!

???: -shakes head- No! Everything's alright!

Sun: But- -dream ends-

Sun: -in real life, quickly sits up- Wah!

-there's a knock on the door-

Light: You ok?!

Sun: -opens door- Yeah...Just a...-looks at Light, and compares Light with the guy in her dream-

Light: ?

Sun: -shakes head- Just a dream!

Light: Ok....-Sun closes the door-

Sun: -sighs- That must've been a vision...

-End of Episode 3-

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