Male Announcer: Hello! I am filling in for the female announcer today! Now...

IT'S MERMAID SISTERS! Episode 2, A New Challenge!

-Theme plays-

-After theme, Moon is knocking on Sun's door-

Moon: Hurry up! I'm leaving in 3 minutes!

Sun: -opens door, with a sun dress on- You should learn to wait!

Moon: You should learn to put on clothes quicker!

Light: -pops up between them- You should learn the cab is here!

Sun & Moon: Ok! -run downstairs-

Light: HEY! -runs after them-

-Kaito is standing outside, and sees Moon-

Kaito: Hey, girl!

Moon: Hey?

Katio: How ya do-

-Sun and Light push Moon to the cab, and the 3 get in, and go downtown-

-Romantic Summer plays, and Sun hums to it- thumb|300px|right|The Song playing on the Radio

Moon: Why do you always hum to this?

Sun: -keeps humming, but thinks- Because, I believe in love!

Cab Driver: -drives into a tunnel, leading to the country-

Light: Umm...Sir? -pokes the CD from behind-

CD: What?!

Light: Where are we going?

CD: -grins evilly, but the other 3 don't notice- To the city, of course.

Sun: Doesn't seem like it...

Moon: Sun is right!

CD: -thinks- So...they are those 2....

-They get to the beach, and the CD stops in front of a cave-

Sun: This isn't the city!

CD: I ran out of gas...

Sun, Moon, & Light: Aww! Rip-off!

CD: Heh...-steps out-

-5 Minute Commerical Break-

-After break, everyone is standing outside-

CD: I'll be right back... -walks in the cave-

Light: I smell trouble...

Sun: Since when could people smell trouble?

Light: Uh....

Moon: -sees shadows on the wall of the cave- ...?

-sun starts to set-

Sun: What's taking so-

-a huge walking-fish creature jumps out-

Sun, Moon, & Light: -hold on to each other- AHHHH!!!!!!

-they sperate, ready for anything-

???: -growls, and leaps for Sun, and it grabs her-

Sun: Wah! Let me go! -kicks-

Moon: Let go off her! -jumps up, and kicks it in the jaw-

???: Gah! -lets go of Sun, and dives into water-

Sun: Thanks...

Moon: No prob...

Light: What was that anyway?

Sun: Trouble....

Moon & Light: What...?

-Episode ends-

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