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FA: Mermaid Sisters, Episode 12, First Official Battle

-Opening plays-

-After Opening, it shows Moon, sitting on the beach-

Moon: Ugh...What's taking that Selena so long...

Selena: -walks up- Sorry I'm late!

Moon: -turns around- Don't seem sorry enough...

-Screen: Meanwhile, with Sun and that terrible Light; Light (voice only) HEY!-

Sun: -is laying on the couch- What do you wanna do, Light-baka?

Light: -.-" Maybe..-twitch- We could... -twitch- try to find... -twitches- Moon...-twitch-

Sun: Nice idea, Light-baka...-gets up-

Light: Nice s- -Wait, seriously?

Sun: Sure...I don't care...

Light: Let-sa go!

Sun: Don't be so happy, 'cause I'm not happy...

Light: Let-sa GO!

Sun: Just wait a couple min...-walks to the fridge, and takes out ice cream-

Light: Then just hurry up....

Sun: -sighs- Fine...

Light: -.-" You don't wanna go, right?

Sun: Now you get it...

-5 Minute Commercial Break-

Moon: -flips hair- I can tell...those 2 idiots are trying to find me...

Selena: Ok, bye-bye, then! -jumps in water-

Moon: Hey! That idiot...-sighs-

Sun: -runs up- Moon!

Moon: -turns around- Oh....Sun...-transforms, gray hair grows long, and wears goth punk clothes-

Sun: -.-" -transforms, orange hair grows long, and wears bright, fairytale-like clothes-

Moon: Oneechan...wanna play?

Sun: Sure...Shining Light! -shoots a light beam at Moon, but Moon dodges-

Moon: -laughs- Weakling! Nightmare Tornado! -shoots dark beam at Sun, and Sun gets hit- How obvious...

Sun: Idiot...why isn't Light here already...

Moon: -walks up to Sun- Maybe he hates you now, because you're weak...

Sun: -mumbles- You're weak...

Moon: What? Couldn't hear you...

Sun: YOU'RE THE ONE WEAK! -shoots a giant light beam, which sends Moon in the water-

Light: -runs up- Sorry I'm late!

Sun: Super late...-falls on knees-

Light: You ok?

Sun: Yeah, just took a lot of pwoer! -laughs-

-Ending plays-

-End of Episode 12-

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