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FA: Mermaid Sisters, Episode 10, Mind Voices...

-Opening plays-

-After Opening, it shows Sun, sadly walking through the streets with Light and Aqua-

Light: 'Ey! Don't be so down!

Aqua: Light-kun is right!

Sun: ...HOW DARE THAT MOON ABANDON ME?!?! -punches fist at the sky-

Light: From depression to anger! What a switch!

Aqua: Come on, Sunny! Wanna go to a pizza resturant?

Sun: No

Light: Mexican?

Sun: No

Aqua: Fancy?

Sun: No!

Light: Veg-

Sun: -kicks him into the sky like in Pokemon- NO!!!

Aqua: ._. I'm going to the

Sun: -sighs- I'll go with you...

Aqua: Ok...

-5 Minute Commercial Break-

Light: AHH!! -falls into the ocean-

Sun: -shakes head- Light is such an idiot...

Aqua: I'm going to the cliff! Bye!

Sun: Bye...

???: -in Sun's head- 'Ello, Sun, my daughter!

Sun: Dad...? -runs in a big bush-

Sin: Yes! I am here to help you!

Sun: -.-" How can you help me get back Moon when you're dead?

Sin: -laughs- Advice! Advice!

Sun: So...what's the advice..?

-Screen: Later...-

Sun: -runs into her apartment- Aqua!

Aqua: -is making dinner- Hm?

Sun: I might have a way to get Moon back!

-Ending plays-

-End of Episode 10-

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