Female Narrator: Right now, will be the new anime, Mermaid Sisters.

Episode Name: Old to Sea, New to Land

-Theme plays- (Note: from 0:00 to 1:40 and sorry there's no opening! D:)

thumb|300px|left|Theme: Dear Cocoa Girls

-After Theme, takes place in a palace under the sea-

Sun: Really?!

Mother: Yes...

Moon: We're really going to the human world?!

Mother: -nods- With..-a blonde merman swims up- Light.

Moon: Ugh! -sees Mother's frustrated face- Fine..

Light: Let'sa Go!

Moon: Stop being such a Mario...

Sun: Don't be mean to him!

Moon: Just sa-

Mother: -interrupts- Away with you!

Sun, Moon, and Light: Ok! -swims away-

Sun: Light?

Light: Hm?

Sun: Why is Mother always so mad all the time?

Moon: Yeah...

Light: It happened 16 years ago, right after your father and mother got married, your aunt attacked the palace.

Sun: Aunt?

Light: Aunt Selena, and as I was saying, she killed the guards and soldiers, and, right before your aunt killed your mother...

Sun and Moon: ...?

Light: Your father blocked your aunt from attacking your mother, and...

Sun: -says sadly- ...Died?

Light: -nods- Yes...

Moon: We're here! -she jumps onto the beach, still a mermaid-

Light: Turn human before a human sees!

Moon: Ok, pushy! -fin turns to legs, and a white shirt and skinny jeans appear on her-

Sun: -jumps on land, fin turns to legs, and a white shirt and orange shorts appear on her-

Light: Wait for me! -jumps on land, fin turns to tail, and gangster clothes appear on him-

Sun and Moon: O_o Uh..

Light: Wha..? -sees clothes- GAH!

Sun: Let's just get to the train before it leaves! -runs quickly up the steps to the train station-

Light and Moon: Fast.. O_O -they follow-

Sun: -thinks- This is the human world? -bumps into a blue haired guy- Sorry!

???: -grins- It's ok! -helps Sun up- I'm Kaito, and you are...?

Sun: Sun..-turns to Light and Moon- The guy's Light and the girl's Moon...

Kaito: Ah..So..Where are you heading to?

Sun: -looks at a card- Tokyo Apartments - C5

Kaito: What a coinicidence! I leave in B5! I'm right below you!

Sun: -blushes- Yeah...

Light: I better get new clothes, FAST! @_@

Moon: Stop complaining and follow, Light! -all 4 get on to train, Light sits with Sun and Kaito with Moon-

Kaito: -turns to Moon- Beautiful girl... -he thinks-

Sun: Kaito...Do..You..Believe in.. Mermaids....?

Kaito: -laughs- I don't believe in any of those stupid creatures!

Sun: -thinks- I guess he's not my type then.. -sighs-

-5 Minute Commerical break-

-back to the show, the train stops, and the 4 walk out-

Moon: -holds on to Kaito's arm- He's so cute! -she thinks-

Light: -thinks- I don't trust this place at all...

Sun: -thinks- I guess Moon will steal Kaito from me...

Kaito: -thinks- Moon..Is so..BEAUTIFUL!

-they get to Tokyo Apartments-

Kaito: Here we are!

Light: -mumbles- Finally

Sun: -whispers to Light- I'm with you!

Moon: Ok! -runs to her room, C4-

Light: I'll go to mine! -goes to C6-

Sun: Well... Bye... -runs to C5-

Kaito: -walks to B5-

Sun: -lays on bed, and sighs- I guess love is not possible in the human it?

-End of Episode 1-

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