This anime is about 2 sisters, who are mermaids, go to the main land.

It airs every Friday at 8:00pm EST, starting om Nov. 12, 2010

Their names are Sun and Moon (Go to "Plot" For more info)

Name Mermaid Sisters
Genre (s) Comedy, Magical Girl, Romance, Adventure
Channel Magic Girl
Creator (s) Crazyrox
First Aired November 12, 2010


Sun and Moon are the main characters, and they're sisters. But also, they're mermaids.

They go up to main land with their "guardian", Light. When they first get on the train, Sun bumps

into a boy named Kaito (Popular Japanese boy name :P). Sun lives right above Kaito.

Even though Sun likes Kaito, Moon likes Kaito and Kaito likes Moon. In episode 4,

Moon gets captured by her and Sun's evil aunt, Selena. Sun is worried, and she goes searching for Moon.

But, after not finding her, she finally finds the castle in episode 7 and gets in a big battle with Moon. After falling unconscious, Sun dreams that she's with her dead Father, in Heaven. Sun's father tells the story, and Sun is shocked by it. Moon has been forced to obey every order Selena says or she'll die immedietly.

Almost every episode til episode 25, Moon randomly appears and gets in a smal fight with Sun.


Sun WatersEdit

Japanese Actress: Kaori Fukuhara

English Actress: Miranda Cosgrove

Sun is the main protaganist of the series. She is a determined girl. When Sun and Moon were little, Moon teased her by saying she likes Light, but it was true. At the age of 14, she is part mature and part crazy.

thumb|300px|left|Sun's Theme, Sister WarsAfter Moon went with Selena, Sun worried if she'll ever see Moon again. Her mother is strict with Sun, while her father is very kind to her. She has orange hair in both forms, and brown eyes in both. In human form, she usually wears sporty clothes.

Moon WatersEdit

Japanese Actress: Emiri Kato

English Actress: Victoria Justice

Moon is Sun's sister, who is quite quiet when she gets to the human world. She is mistaken for being a depressed girl, even though she is quite like Sun. After going with Selena, she hated Sun with all herthumb|300px|right|Moon's Theme, It's Time To Predict The Fight

"heart" and "soul". After hearing Sun's speech in Episode 25, she then quit working for Selena.

Sin WatersEdit

Japanese Actor: Hirokazu Hiramatsu

English Actor: Nathan Kress

Sin is Moon and Sun's father. He does not actually "appear" til Episode 7, where he appears in

Sun's dream while she is unconscious, from Episode 7 and on, Sin helps Sun.

Light WatersEdit

Japanese Actor: Minoru Shiraishi

English Actor: Jerry Trainor

Sun and Moon's "brother"/"guardian". He isn't strong, but he's smart.

He's not a "major" character, but not "minor", so he's somewhere in between.

He is a pretty laid-back boy most of the time.

San WatersEdit

Japanese Actress: Mami Kosuge

English Actress: Mary Scheer

San is Moon's and Sun's mother. She has orange hair with streaks of gray in it.

She hates her sister, Selena, with all her heart. There's a huge suprise with San at the end of the series.

Selena StarEdit

Japanese Actress: Konomi Maeda

English Actress: Jennette McCurdy

Selena is San's sister, and Moon's and Sun's aunt. She captures Moon in Episode 4,

and she refuses to give back Moon intil San dies.


Japanese Actor: Toru Furusawa

English Actor: Sam Riegel

Kaito first appeared in the first Episode. Sun loves Kaito,

but Kaito loves Moon, and Moon loves him at first, but then Moon turns to

Selena's servant, Dark.

Openings & EndingsEdit

Opening Themes:

Dear Cocoa Girls by Miku Hatsune (1-4)

Thousand Enemies by (Made-up band by real singers) Girls Dead Monster (5-26)

Ending Themes:

(None for 1-4)

Skip Skip Dayo by Kousaki Satoru (5-25)

My Song by (Made-up band by real singers) Girls Dead Monster (26)

Episode ListEdit

Episode 1- Old To Sea, New to Land

Episode 2- A New Challenge

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