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FA: Mermaid Sisters, Episode 11, Advice with Beer

-Opening plays-

-After Opening, it shows Light drinking beer, and Sun and Aqua sitting-

Aqua: So, what's the advice?

Sun: Well, man!

Aqua: You forgot?

Sun: Yep..I bet I can remember it sooner or later! And, Light!

Light: -has drunk 5 bottles of beer- Yep?

Sun: Grab me cola please!

Light: Sure 'ding! -pours beer in a cup, and hands it to Sun-

Aqua: Me too! -Light hands Aqua a cup with beer too-

-the girls drink the beer, thinking it's cola-

Sun: Mmm! Great cola! More please!

Aqua: Same here!

-Screen: 3 Hours Later-

Sun: More...

Light: -checks fridge- No more! Aqua: -looks in the trash, and picks up a beer bottle- Beer..BEER?!

Sun: Light! You know that makes us sick for 5 days!

Light: Sorry!

-5 Minute Commercial Break-

Sun & Aqua: You WILL pay for this...

Light: Ok-Ok! I'll do anything!

Sun: Hmm...Find Moon and fight her in the next 5 days!

Light: EH?! But I'll be sick during that time!

Sun & Aqua: Exactly...

Light: I'll do anything besides that! And I'll stick with that!

Aqua: Then...tell everyone at the train station that you're a mermaid...

Light: Merman...and that'll turn into a human forever!

Sun & Aqua: Exactly..

Sun: Wait! I remember the advice now! It's..

-Screen: Later That Week-

Sun: -is coughing- I don't think we can do the advice 'til tomorrow..-sigh-

Light: -from the bathroom- Why are you making me vomit in the bathtub while I'm taking a bath!

Aqua: It's revenge for making us drink beer! -cough, cough-

Sun: -sighs- You really are an idiot, Light! You can't even remember why you have to do something! -laughs-

-Ending plays-

-End of Episode 11-

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