Human CharactersEdit

  • Dr. Regal-Patrick McKenna

.EXE UnitsEdit

  • Mega Man.EXE-Phil LaMarr
  • Roll.EXE-Hyden Walch
  • GutsMan.EXE-Roger Bumpass
  • Glyde.EXE-Mark Hamil
  • IceMan.EXE-Billy West
  • ProtoMan.EXE-Corey Burton
  • Wackoman.EXE-Maurice LaMarch
  • SharkMan.EXE-Frank Welker
  • CutMan.EXE-Maurice LaMarche
  • TorchMan.EXE-Jeff Bennett
  • HeatMan.EXE-Jeff Bennett
  • StoneMan.EXE-Corey Burton
  • WoodsMan.EXE-Billy West
  • Aquaman.EXE-Kari Wahlgren
  • NumberMan.EXE-Bill Farmer
  • Fat CutMan Brother-Jess Harnell
  • CutMan Brother w/ hair-Jeff Bennett
  • Tallest CutMan Brother-Patrick McKenna
  • Taller CutMan Brother-Corey Burton
  • Short CutMan Brother-Billy West
  • CutMan Elder-Phil LaMarr
  • ShadowMan.EXE-Jess Harnell
  • BassMan.EXE-Roger Crige Smith
  • Mega and Roll's Child-Mona Marshall
  • JunkdataMan.EXE-Corey Burton
  • AirMan.EXE-David Lodge
  • PharaohMan.EXE-Brain-Doyle Murray

Other TypesEdit

  • Rush-Jeff Bennett

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