Martina Love


Early 20s










"Once you've visited my mansion, you can never leave."

Martina Love, or "Martini Love" マルティーニ ロブー as she is also known in the original, but changed to remove alcohol references, is a character from the Dream Mansion movies. In the movie, it is shown that she is Martha from an alternate timeline, and she has dyed her hair. She likes to corrupt the innocent. She believes that the more innocent and cute a thing is, the more fun it is to corrupt. Martina has held a few guests at her mansion against their will, and claims that anyone who comes to the mansion can never leave it forever. She especially wants to keep Martha to "teach her a lesson".


Martina wears revealing outfits and has long, blonde hair, wears extravagant makeup and often wears different outfits throughout her appearances. She has a well-endowed chest, but in the Japanese version of the movie, Alvin claims they feel "fake" after landing on them.

Personality and TraitsEdit

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She seems to have a peculiar philosophy. Her character is visibly sexualized and she even uses sexual charm to even get some patrons to stay. She does not limit her patrons by anthropomorphic status, gender, or even age,

She usually throws and hosts parties in the movies, often with themes.

In the second movie, she seems to be going after Martha, to "teach her a lesson" and saying it's for "her own good", which may strike many as odd, seeing she is revealed to be her future self.

She is also very tricky, and will prey on the weak, naive and gullible, because they "left themselves open" and they were "asking for it". It is possible she suffered from said abuse herself, and is trying to turn it on others.

In the third installment, her trickery and manipulation melts away to reveal a demenor similar to a lost child, and is revealed to be an alcoholic, but it is not stated in the English version, though still visible.

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