Martial Legends is an anime which is loosely based on 'Beauty & the Beast'.

There is a game based on the anime.


The story mainly revolves on a village named Pigsty Town, home to the descendants of the legendary martial artists. It all begins when a bounty hunter Gaston, son of a Chinese Master and a French woman, set off on an important errand for the King of France. On the other hand, the king sent Gen. Napoleon and his right-hand man, D'Arque, to suck every single villages dry so the Pigsty Town was next on his list.



The main protagonist. Gaston is a bounty hunter who was a Master of Dragon Style martial arts. He was busy running errands for the king. He is based on the villain of the story.


Gaston's sidekick who is a former Shao-Lin monk.


Gaston's love interest. A female kung fu practicer whose style is the Crane kung fu style. She works as a librarian and she is based on one of the main characters of the story.

Governor MauriceEdit

Although he resembles Maurice from Disney's Beauty & the Beast, he was a former Drunk Master who is Belle's father.


Maurice's wife and practitioner of Shao-Lin.

Baker DanEdit

A baker who bears a resemblance of the baker from the Disney film. He practices the tiger kung fu style.

Tailor ClausEdit

Half-German tailor. He practices the monkey kung fu style

GK MilesEdit

He is a hard-working man who fight only with his legs.


The barber who is a martial arts fan.

The Brothers GrimmEdit

The assassins, Wilhelm and Jacob, who work for Gen. Napoleon. Wilhelm practices the snake kung fu style while Jacob masters the mantis Kung fu style.

Gen. NapoleonEdit

One of the main antagonists. He is not the same Napoleon Bonaparte; however, they both great generals.

Brother D'ArqueEdit

Based on Monsieur D'Arque. He works as Napoleon's right-hand man and uses the Scorpion Kung Fu as his fighting style.

The BeastEdit

The true antagonist who is based on the hero of the story. He is the #1 killer and master of the White Lotus arts.