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Mari Akane Series, Rohan Kuino Series

Mari Akane is a character appearing in a series of manga by Manta-bee and Meanfang, first appearing in Mari Akane. Mari is a young girl living on Yanesato Dori (street) in Sapporo, Japan. The books describe several different adventures that Mari's experiences in her neighborhood, as well as Mari's interactions with other neighborhood children.

Bee wrote the first Mari Akane, in response to the shortage of shojo/kodomo manga being produced by Right Stuf. After the series had progressed for a time, Bee launched a new series about one of the supporting characters, Rohan Kuino. The Rohan Kuino Series ultimately surpassed the Mari Akane series in popularity. Mari Akane appeared only rarely in the Rohan Kuino series as a supporting character. In the anime, Mari was voiced by Katie Griffin.

Characters in Mari Akane series Edit

  • Mari Akane: Mari is the owner of Midori
  • Midori: Midori is Mari's dog; the dog was named "Midori" because of her blue/green eyes.
  • Artian Kuino: Artian is one of the children in Mari's neighborhood. While Mari is still young enough to not be entirely mature about "playing with boys," she still very often encounters him in the neighborhood.
  • Rohan Kuino: Rohan is Artian's younger cousin. He wants to follow his cousin and Mari and do everything they do, but because he is so young, the older children perceive him mostly as a pest.
  • Mari's parents.
  • Mai: Mari's best friend.
  • Penny Mikashi: An older girl who works odd jobs. Mari is often irritated by Penny's well-off attitudes, covets a paper route as well and once even fills in, using Penny's customers to promote a paper drive. Penny, however, has some sense of fair play and in one case set reasonable rules for Penny and Midori's former owner to see who should keep the dog.
  • Rima: A girl just a bit older than Mari who is a genius, and fast friends with Mari.
  • Marty: A boy who lives down the street from Mari, who is friends with Artian. Mari, however, doesn't really like him.
  • Mr. Senishi : One of Mari's odd job customers, who has a dog named Blaze, and who for a time calls Mari "Hari Makana".

Manga in the series Edit

  • Mari Akane
  • Mari and Artain
  • Mari and Midori
  • Mari's Odd Jobs
  • Mari and the Clubhouse
  • Midori

Mari's dog Midori.


Mari as a child.

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