Mai Kasen (河川 真愛 Kasen Mai) is a girl gifted with the special powers of a Gunner Mage. She is the best friend and classmate of Taiki.


Mai is a 16 year old girl but still is in the same class as him. She isn't much taller as Taiki and has a slender body. She has light-brown hair with red tips on the end of her hair and has blue eyes. She often wears shirts and jeans and always wears her cap with a death skull on it.

She has a special Gunner Mage outfit that she wears when they went to the Demon World. She wears a black short shirt with a small white jacket. She wears tight white shorts and high socks with sneakers. She wears a tight black belt but still wears her cap.


Mai is girls with a strong personality. She is a joker and loves to mock her friends especially Taiki and Max, but she also has her serious moments. She first hid her Gunner Mage powers so that no one could discover that from her although she often practiced with her brother in the forest. She is best friends with Taiki but secretly has a crush on him. She always tries to think positive when the situations get difficult.






Thimble: the timble is a special Gunner Mage accessoire which boosts her powers and costs her less energy to preform powerful abilities.

Gloves: Mai uses the gloves so she can deal more damage without her hands receiving too much damage. She wears this gloves in her Gunner Mage costume.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Natural PowersEdit

Mai is a professional "Kung Fu" fighter as she practiced the material art since she was six years old. She thus already has good fighting skills which she combines with her Gunner Mage powers.

Gunner Mage PowersEdit

As a Gunner Mage, Lenore is able to create explosions out of the palms of her hands and her fingertips, as well as her feet. She has created several kinds of abilities by herself which she often uses in combat.

Explosion Bomb: Mai can create a explosion out of her palm but instead of letting it explode immediately she can direct the explosion orb with her mind forwards and let it explode on another place.

Explosive Blasts: Mai can fire explosive balls towards her opponent. These balls go on average speed and explode immediately if come in contact with something.

Bullet Finger: Mai can rapidly fire small energy bullets out of her fingers without having to reload. Although they mostly do not much damage but instead stop the enemy.

Mine Circle: Mai can create a circle around herself or anyone else. The circle moves along with the person she cast it around so that they can't explode if they step on it themselves.

Mine Field: This is an improved version of Mine Circle instead of casting a circle around the opponent she fills the whole area with mines, like the mine circle these mines don't effect the caster.

Firework Rocket: This is one of Mai's most powerful attacks an can only be executed when she's wearing the timble. She makes a archer position and creates a firework rocket out of her hands and then is able to fire it to the direction she wants. The rocket goes very fast and deals heavy damage but takes a lot of Mai's energy.

Smokescreen: Mai uses this move rarely, she can make an explosion and then instead of letting it deal damage create s smokescreen so nobody can see anything including herself.

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