Mahou Gakuen Magica
Created by Akira Jotaro (aka Justice0)
Writer(s) Akira Jotaro
Director(s) Akira Jotaro
No. of episodes 21
Run time 21-24 minutes

Mahou Gakuen Magica is an anime that was written, directed, and created by Akira Jotaro who also created the anime Rusty Sky, Swinging!, and Armored Arena.

The story is set in the fictional world of Corend, where magic is the source of all things living. The story is about a new student who enrolls in the magic academy, Magica, and meets with many strange classmates and becomes a mage of the Healand army along with the entire school.


Kyr is an average 16 year-old mage-in-training who just enrolled into the magic academy of Healand, Magica. But one thing that is not normal about Kyr is that he is a Navima, a mage with a life-span of only 20 years without a magic partner because of the large amount of magic they hold. On his first day of school, Kyr meets a fire-mage named Diva and accidentally looked up her skirt, thus, giving himself an unwanted rival. Once at school, Kyr finds out that he has the same class as Diva and the six other Navima mages of Magica. As the magic school life continues, Kyr is hoping to find a partner but is seeked out by the enemy country, Asgrid, for possibly being the strongest mage in the entire continent.


Navima is a mage with a life-span of only 20 years without a magic partner to share magic with. A Navima can be identified by the symbol on their left hand, which shows four arrows with one arrow bigger than the other three that glows when using magic. A Navima could only live 20 years because of the amount of magic they hold in their bodies, they have the ability to share their magic with one other person through a kiss, but only one person. If a Navima kisses more than one person, the Navima's magic would spread to the people that he or she has kissed, making the Navima unable to use any magic for the rest of their remaining life. If a Navima's partner is kissed by a different Navima, the partner will die of magic overload, the same way a Navima would die if they didn't have a partner. If a Navima partners with another Navima, their magic will be mixed together and they both either die of magic overload or lose their magic. If the Navima dies before the partner, the partner will gain the remaining magic of the Navima, it also happens vice-versa. A Navima is chosen at random at birth and is not passed down by genes.


Main ProtagonistsEdit

Kyr AkizraelEdit

The only mage in known history with the ability to control four different elements. He is a calm person who is usually hated by girls for his accidental perverted situations (making it more difficult for him to find a partner). He tends to try to stay away from trouble and has a strong sense of justice and fairness but is usually forced to take part of the blame for things he didn't do. He dies at the end of the war after he defeats King Gaizo. He is primarly a fire-mage but he also controls ice, earth, and light magic because of his Navima powers; he uses a magic rod as his magic item. He is voiced by Atsushi Abe.

Diva La CharlesEdit

A rich and royal mage with a magic great sword called "Pyrosa". She is a confident and strong girl who is often irritated when she sees Kyr but later learns to be around him after becoming his partner but also becomes very jealous of girls when they get close to him. She is a fire-mage who uses a great sword as her magic item. She is voiced by Emiri Kato.

Main AntagonistsEdit

Gaizo AsgrisEdit

The King of Asgrid. He is a smart and powerful leader who has ruled over Asgrid for over 50 years since he killed his father and had waged war against Healand. He desires to rule over the world and needs powerful mages to do it. He is a man who stole the power of a Navima by absorbing the energy of many deceased Navima. He is voiced by Jurota Kojugi.

Syren EilockEdit

A witch under the service of Gaizo Asgris. She has the power to control weather and is often in the shades whenever she is around Gaizo. She is a mysterious woman with only the desire to serve under the rule of Gaizo and has a lust for blood. She is voiced by the singer, Aya Kamiki.

Other CharactersEdit

Navima MagesEdit

Waltz Freedom - A dark-mage from Magica Academy. He is a very lazy and unmotivated person who doesn't care for his future. He is a man with no dreams nor goals so he doesn't try to seek out a partner to live after 20. He uses a dagger as his magic item. He is voiced by Unshō Ishizuka.
Pierre Tsurein - A water-mage from Magica Academy. He is a man of little words, he is always serious and doesn't talk unless he wants to. His partner's name is Claudia, who is also his fiance. He uses a katana as his magic item. He is voiced by Takahiro Sakurai.
Raphael Baldr - A lightning-mage from Magica Academy. He is a monotone but comical person who could tell fortunes and likes to gamble. He uses a deck of cards as his magic item. He is voiced by Ai Orikasa.
Nukusa Xuaq - A star-mage from Magica Academy. He looks and sometimes acts like a narcissist but he actually isn't one. He is often crowded by girls of Magica Academy hoping to be his partner. He uses a whip as his magic item. He is voiced by Daisuke Ono.
Nina Leos - A wind-mage from Magica Academy. She is a shy and smart girl who has trouble talking to most people, the only person she could talk normally to is Kyr, which often makes people think that she likes him. Though she doesn't look like it, she is actually kind of perverted and has a crush on Diva, which she gets over at after Kyr dies. She uses a book as her magic item. She is voiced by Nana Mizuki.
Zan Denset - A sound-mage from Magica Academy. He is a reckless and loud person who likes to appear into places through the ceiling. Even though he is loud, he has a talent and ear for music and enjoys soft music, which surprises many people when it was shown. He uses a bladed wheel as his magic item. He is voiced by Kenichi Suzumura.
Elza Xenos - An ice-mage who lost her magic. She used to be a powerful mage who was in a love triangle and was kissed by both of her partners, making her lose her magic. She is the head of the girls dorm in Magica Academy. She uses a spear as her magic item but no longer uses magic. She is voiced by Li-Mei Chiang.

Magica Academy NotablesEdit

Donovan Mahora - The Dean of Magica Academy. He is a perverted old man who has lived over 150 years due to a spell that was put on him when he was 23 years-old. When he is in battle, he has the power to destroy an entire platoon and summon a spirit dragon. He is a spirit-mage who uses a magic staff as his magic item. He is voiced by Masaaki Tsukada.
Aquria Soma - The current advisor of Magica Academy. She is a strict but beautiful mature woman who specializes in punishment of students. She is a wind-mage who sometimes dresses like a magical girl and uses a rod as her magic item. She is voiced by Satomi Arai.
Cerven Tsurein - The uncle of Pierre and the physical education teacher of Magica Academy. He is like Pierre in many ways except in sword skills, where he is far superior. He is a water-mage who uses a katana as his magic item. He is voiced by Toru Okawa.
Aisha Hyran - The magic teacher of Magica Academy. She is an energetic and skilled mage who enjoys teaching but is also scared of bugs. She is often considered to be overly-positive by her students and other academy teachers. She is a fire-mage who uses a ring as her magic item. She is voiced by Mariya Ise.
Amy De Leon Justice - One of the most known students in Magica Academy. She is an ace student and the daughter of a royal family, she is also the childhood friend of Waltz and cares deeply about him. She is a dark-mage who uses a book as her magic item but uses two dark scythes as her weapons. She is voiced by Kaori Mizuhashi.