"Magic is the true power of friendship.'

-The slogan of the Japanese dub of Magical Molly!

Magical Molly!
Kanji マジカル☆モリー!
TV Series information
Directed by Akiyuki Shinbo
Producers Atsuhiro Iwakami

Norman J. Grossfeld (Exclusive)

Writers Gen Urobuchi (Original), Jim Malone, Matthew Ordek, Ted Lewis
Episodes 12
Airdate July 2013 (USA)

January 2014 (Japan)

Languages English (4Kids Dub)

Japanese (SHAFT)

Music By 4Kids Entertainment featuring Kajiura Yuki
Picture format 4:3, 720p (1st & 2nd Episodes in the first broadcast)

16:9, 1080p (Later broadcasts)

Opening Theme Connect (English Version) (Episodes 1-12, 4kids Dub)

Colorful by ClariS (1-11, Japanese dub)

Closing Theme Luminous (Short ver) (4Kids dub), Connect (Orchestra ver) (Episodes 1-11), Colorful (Episode 12) (Japanese Dub)
Studio SHAFT
Distributor 4Kids Entertainment

Magica Quartlet

Magical Molly! is a TV series distributed by 4Kids Entertainment & SHAFT. The series is the English dubbed version of the popular Anime series, Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

The series was redubbed in Japanese by SHAFT in 2014, under the title in the same name (マジカル☆モリー!Majikaru☆Morī!). Due to the fact that a straight 4Kids-style dub of Madoka would be even more unsuccessful in Japan, the show was dubbed as a parody of the original series and of American dubbing in general. Although most of the original Madoka voice actors return to their roles (save for Homura/Hilda), The characters retain their 4Kids dub names (though occasionally the original Japanese names are used in jokes).


Molly Kelley, a normal schoolgirl's life turn upside down when she meets Cubey, an alien from outer space who can grant wishes from any girl. But, a Magical Girl called Hilda, is trying to stop Molly to make a wish to Cubey...


The first 6 Episodes are "family-friendly" due to censorship. However the last second-half are totally dark and somehow serious (despite the censorship made), compared to the previous Episodes aired.

The 11th & 12th Episodes are delayed of airing in October due to the premiere of Madoka Magica: The Rebellion Story in Japan. The last two Episodes are returned to air this November.

  • Episode 1: Molly's new day
    • Japanese: 彼女の夢の中で謎の少女 (The mysterious girl in her dreams)
  • Episode 2: A Promise to Make
    • Japanese: あなたの本当の願いは何ですか? (What's your true wish?)
  • Episode 3: Maria's Last Battle?
    • Japanese: マリアの最終決戦? (Maria's Final Battle?)
  • Episode 4; The Sword-wielding Magical Girl
    • Japanese: 剣と青髪の魔法少女 (The Blue-haired Magical Girl with swords)
  • Episode 5:  Kacey, the red-haired Magical Girl
    • Japanese: 赤髪の魔法少女:ケイシー (The Red-haired Magical Girl: Kacey)
  • Episode 6: The Fight
    • Japanese: 2魔法少女の間で決めるバトル(?)(A deciding battle (?) between two Magical girls)
  • Episode 7: Sabrina's despair
    • Part 1 Japanese: 究極の絶望 (The Ultimate Despair)
  • Episode 8: The shocking truth
    • Part 2 Japanese: サブリナの終焉 (Sabrina's demise)
  • Episode 9: The Mermaid Knight Witch
    • (Japanese: 人魚騎士魔女が登場!(The Mermaid Knight witch appears!)
  • Episode 10: Prelude
    • Japanese: 前奏曲:魔法少女の暗黒の秘密!(Prelude: The Dark Secret of the Magical Girls!)
  • Episode 11: Hilda's decision
    • (Japanese: 究極のクライマックス!ヒルダVSワルプルギス!  (The Ultimate Climax! Hilda vs Walpurgis!)
  • Episode 12: Farewell, Molly
    • Japanese: 最終決戦!モリーの別れ! (The final battle! Molly's farewell!)


  • Molly Kelley
  • Hilda Adams
  • Maria "Mary" Thompson
  • Sabrina Mickey
  • Kacey Stevens
  • Hilary
  • Kyle Knowles
  • The Kelley family
    • Judy Kelley
    • Thomas Kelley
    • Taylor Kelley
  • Kacey Stevens' Family (Flashback only)
  • Witches:
    • The Garden Witch (Episode 1)
      • The Garden Witch's minions
    • The Desert Witch (Episode 3)
      • The Desert Witch's minions
    • The TV Witch (Episode 4)
      • The TV Witch's minions
    • An unknown witch's minions (Episode 5)


The show contains a heavy censorships like:

  1. Name changes (Mainly)
  2. Removing religious undertones.
  3. Editing deaths.
  4. Removal of Japanese words, but they keep English ones.

However unlike the other 4Kids Dubs, the censorship in this show was also took under control by SHAFT & Magica Quartlet itself.

Differences between the English and Japanese versionsEdit

The Japanese version, in a bit of irony, is a more humorous version of the English dub. The script adds various jokes aimed at adult audiences and Madoka fans, similar to the American Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series, and also lampoons American dubs of anime and anime fandom in general. While all visual censorship is left intact, the characters often joke about their original uncensored fates (for example, there are numerous jokes about Mary losing her head in Episode 3).

Additionally, the Japanese dub of Magical Molly! ties into the canon of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, as explained in Episode 10. Here, it is revealed that the original Homura Akemi accidentally created Magical Molly! herself during one time loop during a witch chase by spilling coffee onto the laptop of a 4Kids executive who was about to license Rocket Monsters, a Pokémon-like children's series. The incident caused a bug with his computer that caused him to license Madoka instead, creating the Magical Molly! universe. The Japanese dub uses a small amount of new animation by SHAFT for these additional plot points.

In the final episode, Princess Molly becomes aware of the original Madoka Magica series, and decides to reset the timeline and erase the coffee incident, allowing the main canon of Puella Magi Madoka Magica to occur.

Amusingly, the Japanese dub was originally presented to the Madoka voice actresses as a straight re-translation targeted towards children, much to their dismay. But when they read the real script, they "had a lot of fun with it" in their own words, leading to lots of humor and ad-libbing.

Homages to the other 4Kids DubsEdit

The censorship in this series also paid homages to the other 4kids Dubs:

  • One Piece:
    • Sayaka's finisher, Ultimate Slash, is a homage to Zoro's Ultimate Three Swords.
  • Dragon Ball Z Kai:
    • The weapons from Magical Molly is uncensored, however they are added with laser/beam sound effects and adding sparkles in explosions.
    • The Series' opening is Connect in English Translated version.
    • The death scenes like Mami being bitten by Charlotte is cut.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh:
    • The quote: "Believe in the heart of the Magical Girls" is a nod to "The Heart of the Cards".
    • Sayaka's line: "Is that a witch, or it's just a dessert topping?" is a homage to Yami Bakura's quote.

Staff and CastEdit


to be added


  • Rebecca Honig as Molly Kelley (Aoi Yuki in the Japanese version)
  • Bella Hudson as Hilda Adams (Togashi Misuzu in the Japanese Version)
  • Kayzie Rogers as Maria Thompson (Kaori Mizuhashi in the Japanese version)
  • Amanda Brown as Sabrina Mickey (Eri Kitamura in the Japanese version)
  • Lisa Ortiz as Kacey Stevens (Ai Nonaka in the Japanese Version)
  • ??? as Cubey (Emiri Katou in the Japanese Version)


  • 4Kids English Dub:
    • Opening = Connect (English Ver, TV Size)
    • Closing = Luminous (Short Instrumental ver)
  • Japanese dub:
    • ClariS - Colorful (TV Size)
    • ClariS - Connect (Orchestral ver.) (Episodes 1-11)
    • ClariS - Colorful (Episode 12)


  • This is the first 4Kids Dub series being re-dubbed in Japanese.
    • However the Japanese re-dub was never available in the Home Video Releases. However the videos are available online thanks to the decoders.
  • The dub's music is also collabrated with the original composer of Madoka Magica: Kajiura Yuki.
  • The dub's opening Music: Connect, translated in English, is used for the series. Don't expect any One Piece Rap-like themes anyway.
  • The Japanese redub's opening: Colorful by ClariS, is featured.
  • This dub is the second dubbed series to be aired in High Definition.
  • The second half of the series homages the dark nature of Don Bluth's animated movies.

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