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Magical H20


Magical Girl, Adventure, Comedy

No. of seasons


Run. minutes

30 minutes



Mermaid Dream: Futari wa Magical H20! (Magical H20 in dubbed version) is a magical girl series that first aired in 2011.


The story revoles around a teenage girl, Ayami Muzuo, that believes in mermaids ever since she was a little child. She then one day runs away from home and finds an unknown cove, and encounters a male mermaid (merman respectively) named Yuta, which he swam away but returned due to the fact that she has to turn into a mermaid herself after being caught and that there was a sea plant in the cove he has to harvest. He then takes her to Atlantis, an underwater world for all merfolk, to receive Ayami a transformation item for humans to transform into mermaids or mermen, after they have seen a mermaid in person. Along the rest of the series, Ayami meets more of Yuta's friends as they join the team, including Ayami's 2 trusted friends, Emi and Shuto. They also encountered 4 people who became mermaids as well though the same path as Ayami: Misa Izumi, Yudai Toru, and Twins Taro and Tama Itsugawa.



Seasons and EpisodesEdit


  • Magical H20 Aqua (Sequel)


Music and SongsEdit


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