Character VA
Sonic the Hedgehog Roger Craig Smith
Knuckles the Echidna Travis Willingham
Amy Rose Cindy Robinson
Cream the Rabbit Michelle Ruff
Big the Cat Kyle Hebert
Shadow the Hedgehog Kirk Thornton
Rouge the Bat Karen Strassman
Chris Thorndyke Tara Platt
Vector the Crocodile Keith Silverstein
Espio the Chameleon Troy Baker
Miles "Tails" Prower, Charmy Bee Colleen O'Shaughnessey
Cosmo Stephanie Sheh
Linsey Thorndyke Tiffany Grant
Nelson Thorndyke Dave Wittenberg
Chuck Thorndyke Neil Kaplan
Sam Speed Skip Stellrecht
Maria Robotnik Dorothy Elias Fahn
Frances Philece Sampler
Danny Brianne Siddall
Helen Wendee Lee
E-102 Gamma Vic Mignogna
Decoe Todd Haberkorn
Bocoe Greg Ayres
Tikal Colleen Clinkenbeard
Pachacamac Steven Blum
Dr. Eggman Mike Pollock
Scarlet Garcia Megan Hollingshead
Black Narcissus Sean Schemmel
Chris Thorndyke (teenager) Michael Sinterniklaas
Galaxina, Earthia Veronica Taylor
  • Pollock, Hollingshead, Sinterniklaas, Taylor, and Schemmel's respective voices will mostly remain un-changed from the 4Kids dub.

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