This is a list of the main characters of The Paradox Syndrome.

Narushisu TownEdit

Mūa FamilyEdit

  • Taiki Mūa
  • Shārotto Mūa: the mother of Taiki. She is very caring about Taiki, especially after his father died. She keeps getting pills for Taiki at a special store. She has a minor role in the beginning until her heart is stolen and is dying, and they have to get it back in time. She has bleached long hair and blue eyes.
  • Ryo Mūa: the father of Taiki. Taiki knows nothing about him since he died right after he was born. The only thing he knows is that he died because he protected him and his mother.

Kasen FamilyEdit

  • Mai Kasen
  • Akio Kasen II
  • Akio Kasen: the father of Lenore and Akio. He died when Akio Jr. was 14 and Lenore 11. He had was a swordwielder and used light for his attacks. He taught this to his son Akio. He has brown curly hair and blue eyes.
  • Hiroko Kasen: the mother of Mai and Akio. She died when Mai and Akio were at very young age. Akio being 6 and Mai 3. She was a gunnermage but never used this power, though her powers were passed on to Mai. She has blonde average long hair and blue eyes.
  • Yumiko Kasen: the grandmother of Mai and Akio. She was a Gunngermage, she was a professional Gunnermage compared to her daughter who refused to use it because she didn't want to put herself in danger.

Buran FamilyEdit

  • Kiku Buran
  • Raito Buran
  • Lucrecia Buran: the mother of Kiku and husband of Raito. She knows that her husband is a Demon Hunter and that her daughter posseses this ability as well. She is a doctor in both humans and demons and cared for Shārotto when she was almost dying. She has long blonde wavy hair and blue eyes.

DaVinci High SchoolEdit

  • Masaru Konerī
  • Riku Tsuyo: he is the jock of the school. He is very popular in many eyes but also is a bully. He often teases the weaklings like Tetsuya and emberasses goth's like Emi. He has shaved hair and brown eyes.
  • Tetsuya Kaningamu: he is a weak kid who is in Taiki's class. He often gets teased as stated above. He doesn't has an important role in the first two seasons but afterwards gains magical powers. He can draw something on paper and make it appear. He wears glasses and has very black hair.
  • Emi Zugai: she is a typical Goth girl who is in Taiki's class, like Tetsuya she gains her powers in the third season. She uses Voodoo-like dolls to attack for her. She commands them from a distant but does know some moves by herself. She has darkpurple hair with two ponytails and purple eyes and mostly wears Gothic Lolita dresses.
  • Danny Riyon: he is a minor character who attends the class of Taiki and another jock, although not such a bully like Rick. He has blonde curly hair and green eyes.
  • Ren Okashī: he is a minor character and is a gothic. He is satanic but other than that a very nice guy, he does hates those happily happy people.
  • Jasumin Hana: she is a minor character in Taiki's class, she is a friend of Mai and Kuki. She is black and has brown hair and wavy hair.
  • Mrs. Bēkon: is the English teacher of Taiki's class. She has gray short hair and pink colored eyes.

Other ResidentsEdit

  • Daisuke Kenmeina: he is the owner of the 24-hour store in town. He is a close friend of Shārotto and gives her pills to help Taiki. He wears a long coat and black spiky hair and sunglasses.
  • Willow: she is a little girl who lives in the town. She bears much resemblance to Red Riding Hood, as the episode also is based on the fairytale. She is a recurring character.
  • Grandma: she is the unnamed grandmother of Willow who got eaten by Number Three.

More to come eventually...

The Demon HuntersEdit

They are a small team of people who are Demon Hunters. They started with a team of five with only Raito and Akio left now. Kuki is also a demon hunter but never had joined the first Demon Hunters. In Season 4 Raito and Akio search for three new members.

  • Shinshia Inu: she is the only female member of the team and the girlfriend of Akio. She was the last one to die and saved Raito and Akio. Like Akio she fights with light-based weapons. She has wavy long brown hair and green eyes.
  • Māku Tasuke: he is a member and founder of the team. He was the first one to die because he took the lead and immediately got killed by Number 13. He mostly fights with his Berserk, rarely using any other Demon Hunting weapons. He is a redhead and blue eyes.
  • Arekkusu Kajuen: he is a member of the team. He was the second one to die because he wanted to avenge Māku but ended up in getting killed. He has two Tomahawks he fights with but also uses other weapons. He has curly brown hair and blue eyes.
  • Kenji Gin: he is one of the new members of the team in Season 4. He is young compared to the others since he only is 12 years old. He has bleached hair and blue eyes. He wields a silver dagger and uses a few other Demon Hunter weapons.
  • Mika Hāmonī: she is another new member of the team in Season 4. She is around the same age of Akio. She has a brown skin and black hair tied up in a ponytail and green eyes. She is a professional archer but like everyone uses other weapons too.
  • Mao: he is a new member of the team introduced in Season 4. Mao is a talking black cat and has yellow eyes. His soul is trapped in that body while his own body escaped and is lost. But he already got used to it and likes the way he is. He fights, like a cat, with his nails, only these are much longer and made from steel.

Dolls & PuppetsEdit

Emi has 6 dolls thoughout the show. After a doll joined she is able to transform them into little dolls that she attaches to her dress. They all have a fighting mode, in that form their powers are the best.

  • Tedi II: he is the second doll of Emi. After she lost her original one she made her own one that took more the resemblance of a Voodoo doll. Eventually her doll began to talk and she fought with it. Later it was revealed that Juuni locked herself up in the doll to hid herself. When she came out she transformed the Voodoo doll into the reall Tedi.
  • Tedi: he is the first doll of Emi that she lost when she was little (see above). Tedi is the cutest of all her dolls and always is in his normal form holding onto Emi's body. He is just a standard teddybear. In fighting mode his hands grow big and are attached to dark energy instead of the arm. His ears become dark energy spheres and he can use offensive dark magic.
  • Dingo: he is the third doll of Emi. He is a crazy and hyperactive frog with a mouth similair to a Muppet and has goggly eyes. In fighting mode he gets a sticky salamander tongue, hypnosizing kameleon eyes and elastic frog hands.
  • Mama Hitsuji: she is the fourth doll of Emi. She is the oldest of her dolls, although her name says Mama she has more the character of a Grandma. She is very nice and sleep much. In her fighting mode she turn into a black sheep, grows horns and creates electic energy between them. She can also sing her foe into sleep.
  • Kitsune: he is the fifth doll of Emi and the strongest. He is a six-tailed orange fox. He always has fun while fighting and is very sneaky. All of his tails posses a different element: Fire, Water, Rock, Wind, Ice and Lighting.
  • Mary-Jane: she is along with Mario the last doll of Emi. She is a Bisque Doll wearing clothes similair to Emi. She has the power to create illusions for the opponent but nothing more than that. She isn't a very skilled fighter. She is nice and friedly.
  • Mario: he is along with Mary-Jane the last puppet of Emi. He is a Marionette that Emi found in a abonded toy-store along with Mary-Jane. He is the most serious of the dolls and the wisest. In his fighting mode he summons a Jack-in-the-Box out of his head, a Push Puppet out of his left arm and a Marotte out of the other. He can deal good attacks with them.
  • Blade, Jester and Pinhead: these three originate from the Puppet Master and appear in The Paradox Syndrome as villains. They are trying to kill the gang but eventually get defeated by Emi and her dolls. Blade has a gaunt pale face with seemingly empty black eye sockets and long white hair and wears a black trench coat and wide-brimmed hat. Blade has a sharp hook for his left hand and a knife for his right hand. He sometimes has spike-shaped "bullet eyes" that pop out of his sockets from time to time. Jester had red clothes, his sleeves were mixed in red and black, and he had a red hat. Jester has the ability to rotate three portions of his face: his forehead, middle face, and chin. He can show five expressions: happy, devious, sad, angry or surprised. Pinhead is a big puppet with a small head. Pinhead's only power is his two big hands that can deliver quite a punch. He's also unnaturally strong, able to move or drag a full grown human body with ease.

The Paradox TeamEdit

Paradox FiveEdit

Lower ParadoxEdit

  • Juuichi
  • Shichi: she is the seventh member of the Paradox Team. She is an elegant woman in a long white dress and long black straight hair. As being number six she is very powerful, she is also very calm in talking. In her demon form she grows twisted horns two small wings and a long tail. Her hair goes into a long ponytail and her skin turns purple and her dress disappears. She can summon little bat-like creatues and is able to teleport.
  • Roku: he was once a member of the Paradox Team. The team toyed around with him a lot, until he hung himself out of rage. He is only seen in his human form where he has devil horns green skin and oversized claws. Now this place is reserved for Taiki.
  • Hachi and Kyuu: they are twin brother and sister with each other. They speak in a creepy way as they finish each other's sentences. They also are really close to each other. They look very different from each other. Kyuu is a pink shorthaired female while Hachi is a long greenhaired male. But they both have blue eyes. In their demon form they merge together to one demon. They have six wings, red eyes and pink/green hair. They wear chain all over their body. They are a combination of the elements fire and ice.
  • Juu: he is the tenth member of the Paradox Team. He is a black man with brown hair and dark brown hair with drags in it. He is a bit of a pansy but when he battles he is very serious and strong. In his demon form he turns into a stone gargoyle and is able to use stones to attack too, if they are near. And to go into stone walls and floors.
  • Juuni: she once was a member of the Paradox Team until she thought they went too far. She quit the team and has been hiding since. She locked her spirit inside of the first doll of Emi. Eventually the team managed to free her from her doll and she granted Emi her doll powers. She has a dark skin with long pink hair and green eyes. In her demon form her arms become five twisted ivy's and they go apart in fingers. She wears a short pink/green top and her whole lower body becomes a plant and is attached to the ground. She has the power over nature.
  • Juusan: he is the thirteenth member of the Paradox Team. He is the biggest demon of the team even surpassing Yon. He has the ability to merge with the opponents he killed and gain their abilities. This is the only way for him to fight. His demon form is a combination of all his consumed opponents. He once consumed a very large demon which increased his own demon size and became very big.
  • Juushi: She, just like Roku was a new member to the Paradox Team. Because of her lack of strength everyone was teasing her whichi drove her insane and she transformed to her demon form. The Paradox Five had to fight her and kill her. She is a tiny girl with light-blond hair, gray eyes and very light skin. In her demon form she turns taller her hair turns dark-blue, green skin but keeps her gray eyes. She is able to control the space around her.
  • Juugo: he is the fifteenth member of the Paradox Team. He is a rather weird person who sometimes drifts away in his own fantasy's. He has spiky black hair and blue eyes. He has a little cross under his eye. In his demon form he transforms into a Hedgehog-like demon. He has giant spikes on his back, sharp claw and even a spike on his forehead.
  • Juuroku: he is the sixteenth member of the Paradox Team. He was assigned to go along with Go and San to Narushisu town to back them up if there was any danger for them. He eventually was killed when protecting Go and San from the heroes. He has long light-blue hair and eyes and many tattoos over his body. In his demon form his tattoos go into fire burning his skin off and makes him look like a skeleton, only keeping his blue hair. He has a skull-staff to fight with too. In his Daimonion he is a giant T-Rex skeleton and can shoot things like giant fire balls out of his mouth.
  • Nijuu: she is the twentieth member of the Paradox Team. She was send along with Nanajuushi to stop Taiki and his friends from entering the Demon World but got eliminated instead. She has short turquoise hair and the same color eyes. In her Daimon form she gets cat ears, claws with sharp claws, puffy feet, a long tail and whiskers. She can spit demonic furry balls, scratch and swing with a ball of yarn.
  • Nijuuku: he is the twenty ninth member of the Paradox Team. He was send to eliminate Tetsuya but failed. He has a white skin, brown eyes and spiky dark-blue hair. In his Daimon he grows gills his skin turns blue he gets membranes, a tail and wields a trident. He has control over the water.
  • Sanjuusan: he is the thirty thirth member of the Paradox Team. He was send to eliminate Akio and Kuki but was killed by them + Mai, Max and Emi. He is the youngest member since he is only 9 years old. He has pale skin, blue eyes and average long black hair. In his Daimon he turns into a black shadow with blanc eyes and a blanc smile. He is able to control other living forms body's.
  • Sanjuuroku: he is the thirthy sixth member of the Paradox Team. He is the protector of the Demon Portal in the mines of Hakken town. He is very tall has silver hair and blue eyes. His Daimon is to change his body size and split himself into max. 8 persons. But in exchange they do are based on one emotion of him which influences their fighting style (joy, sadness, rage, love, irritation, anxiety, envy and serene).
  • Sanjuuku: he is the thirthy ninth member of the Paradox Team and appeared in a Halloween special. He haunted down the kids on the DaVinci High School and killed them all. It is unknown what his fate is sincehe didn't appear canon. He has black hair and onix eyes. In his Daimon he is able to turn into the biggest fear of his opponent.
  • Yonjuugo: he is the forty fifth member of the Paradox Team. He was send out to eliminate the Demon Hunters but failed. He has smooth orange hair and blue eyes and wears a jester-like outfit. In his Daimon form he goes into a giant box and the upper half of his body comes and and now wears a jester hat and has face paint of a clown on his face. He can slam with his giant expandable arms and hands and can really creep people out.
  • Gojuusan: he is the fifty thirth member of the Paradox Team. He is an inventor who makes little gadgets for the team and is a source of wisedom (unlike Yon who is a scientist with great inventions). He has brown curly hair and green eyes. His Daimon is that he becomes liquid and can escape easy, he has no good combat skills.
  • Gosan: he is a former member of the Paradox Team as the fifty thirth member. He did the same work as Gojuusan until he decided to quit but still wanted to live in Demon World. His powers were drained but he secretly managed to get them back. He has gray hair and is going bald and has brown eyes. His Daimon is to change between liquid, solid and gas phases.
  • Gojuushi: she is the fifthy fourth member of the Paradox Team. She goes into battle with Tetsuya after the group had split up to search for Juuni. She is an Indian woman and Hinduism, she wears a blue Sari dress with golden tints. In her Daimon she transforms into what resembles the Indian god Shiva or Vishnu with six arms.
  • Rokujuuroku: he is the sixty sixth member of the Paradox Team. He is the guard of the Demon Castle along with Kyuujuuku. He wears a guard uniform, he has brown eyes and black short hair. He wields a spear and shares his Daimon with Kyuujuuku. They transform into a giant wall of steel with two towers, which has them on it, and can summon spears out of every spot from the wall.
  • Nanajuushi: he is the seventy fourth member of the Paradox Team. He was send along with Nijuu to eliminate Taiki and his group but failed. He is a very old tanned man with gray hair and brown eyes. In his Daimon his skin turns into crumbling stone, his upper part of his kimono is ripped apart but keeps his bottom and a cape. His gray hair now is separated in four long locks coming out of the stone. He can control rocks and the ground.
  • Kyuujuuku: he is the ninty ninth member of the Paradox Team. He is the guard of the Demon Castle along with Rokujuuroku. He wears the same guard uniform, he has brown eyes and blonde hair which it in a mohawk. His Daimon is the same as Rokujuuroku.


  • Keruberosu is the guardian of the Paradox Team. It is a giant beast with sharp teeth, claws and two heads, he is based of from the mythical monster Cerberus. Keruberosu is the pet of Yon who has revived him a few times. After his first revival he gets extra armor, in his second he becomes more of a machine (since his head was slayed off) and in his third form he even gets an extra head. Although it looks like Yon cares about him he actually is his "guinea pig", although he does sees him as his biggest achievement.
  • Oni Robotto's are many demons who are the pets of Yon. They once were regular demons until Yon messed around with them and installed robot parts in their body's to boost their powers. Mostly one or two lumbs are robotic but further nothing.
  • Kitora is the pet of Go. Unlike the other four Go only has one pet and is also the only one who cares about his pet. Kitora is a green tiger with golden stripes and yellow eyes (red when angry). The tiger is really fast and has sharp claws and tusks.
  • Dokuhebi is the pet of Ni. It looks just like a regular snake although it does have demonic eyes and a sharp knife on the tip of it's tail. It has poison inside of it's body and uses that as their main combat technique. It is still unknown whether it's male or female because it doesn't talk.
  • Saimin no Hebi is the other pet of Ni. She is a serpent and has big purple/ red eyes. She can hypnosize their prey and then is able to attack them. She is always seen with Dokuhebi and is concidered as it's mom or guardian.
  • Sutingusasori is the last pet of Ni. She is a scorpion but unlike most pets she takes a more humanoid form which has to do with her master being the most humanoid Daimon. She has six legs, two claws and a stinger and the upper half of the body is humanoid.
  • Tako is one of the pet demons of San. It is an octopuss-like demon who fought Mai, Akio and Kuki at the lake. It eventually was killed by Kuki. Although it was San's pet he didn't seem to care about its death.
  • Same is the former pet of San and current pet of Juugo . He is a white shark and has two humanoid arms instead of fins. He has red veins over his body and red eyes. He can fire lasers out of his mouth. He is defeated along with Unagi and Uni and also leads them.
  • Unagi is the former pet of San and current pet of Juugo. He is a dark-blue eel with blank eyes. He can stretch his body like it is elastic and can send thunder shocks. He is defeated along with Same and Uni.
  • Uni is the former pet of San and current pet of Juugo. He is a black sea urchin. He is very sneaky and hides in places to attack. He can hurt his opponent with his spikes. When his spikes are cut off they grow back on in a split second. He is defeated along with Same and Unagi.
  • Pengin to Pengin are the pets of Ichi. They are twin penguins one is female and one is male. They look like regular penguins but when they merge together they get one eye and are able to fly. They can send sonic waves out of that eye.
  • Door Demon is another guardian at the door of the hideout. It was set up in a trap when he was in the body of Taiki. It is a giant demon who is rather slow in movement, Raito defeated him.
  • Kemushi and Kumo's are other demons who the team encountered in the tunnels. Kemushi is a giant caterpillar-like demon while the Kumo's were smaller spin-like demons. They were quickly defeated by the team.
  • Hantā is a weird sand demon and the killer of Akio and Mai's father. He was killed by Akio in Family Secrets.
  • The Seamonster is a demon who is a humanoid monster covered with seaweed. He was defeated by Taiki in Ocean Breeze.

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