The is the full list of characters from the anime Stardust Stratos.

Stratos PilotsEdit

Hoshizo High SchoolEdit

Suta NagareEdit

The main heroine. She is an energetic girl who wants to become a journalist. She is often very lucky and usually gets things to go her way. She has a crush on Subaru but does not want to admit it so she has a tsudere relationship with him. She does not know it, but she is the reincarnation of the first Stratos pilot, with the same name, and has a very similar Stratos. Her Stratos is named Izanami, named after the Japanese goddess of creation and death. Her Stratos does not have any special abilities other then to grant wishes to the pure and perfectly protect those who she wishes to protect, it was not ment to battle others. She is the only Stratos pilot who is not part of the Stratos Tournament. Her Stratos resembles a feminine body with no armor but has floating wings.

Subaru FudoEdit

The main hero. He is a person who most people would consider cold and mysterious. He enjoys peace but had gotten used to arguing with Suta, making him feeling different whenever she isn't around him. Like Suta, he likes her but does not want to admit it either. He no wishes other then to save his dying mother, who is in a coma in the Hoshizo Hospital. His Stratos is named Tsubasa, meaning "Wing", but was originally called Valkyrie. His Stratos is a one-winged Stratos that resembles an angel when in full power, but looks similar to an agile knight when it is in its normal form.

Gai HoshinoEdit

A hot-headed otaku and student of Hoshizo High School. He often annoys Subaru whenever he sees him and is usually seen on the rooftops of the school when he's not around Subaru. Though he likes to be around Subaru, he is not around him often and doesn't know much about Suta but thinks that she's Subaru's girlfriend. He likes to think of himself as a relative of the school's owner since he has a very similar last name. His wish is to become the most popular man in the world. His Stratos is named Teni, named after the Chinese Three Kingdoms warrior, Dian Wei. His Stratos is heavily armored in ancient Chinese-like armor.

Yusei KageyamaEdit

The true antagonist. He is the science teacher of Hoshizo High School who hides his true self with a nice persona and pretends to know nothing about the Mirror Field. When he was hiding as a normal person, he was a kind and forgiving person who cared for others but he is actually a cruel and sadistic man who cares for nothing besides his own selfish desires. His Stratos is named Tenkai, named after the famous monk of the Sengoku era, but was transformed into a Stratos named Ten Maou (meaning "Heavenly Demon King") after he captured Suta. His Stratos, Tenkai, is a Stratos that resembles a warrior monk but was changed to look like a samurai warlord after Suta was captured.


Kamui YoshihikoEdit

The main antagonist. He is an unmotivated and peaceful young man who looks like a punk and even has a gang. He is feared through out the town as "Killer Kamui" because of his inhuman strong strength. He was the winner of the last Stratos Tournament but had no wish, so he wished for the ability to be in the the Mirror World for as long as he had wanted. He had rejoined the Stratos Tournament because he had no choice. His Stratos is named Knight because he had not thought of a new name for it. His Stratos resembles a heavily armored knight with a giant shield and sword.

Keru HokutoEdit

Nicknamed "Hokuto no Keru" (meaning: Kick of the North Star) as a parody of the manga and anime, Fist of the North Star. He is a big and muscular young man who enjoys martial arts, but mainly Bruce Lee related things. He is obsessed with all things related to wuxia. His wish is to become the world's greatest martial artist. His Stratos is named Xia, as a reference to the Xia Dynasty, which was when kung-fu was created. His Stratos is a lightly armored Stratos which specializes in close-range attacks and does not rely too much on weaponry.

Yui NanbutsuEdit

A Stratos Tournament participant from Osaka. She acts very manly and doesn't care how people treat her. Her wish is to become the richest person in the world because she was born in poverty and believes that money could change her life. Her Stratos is named Uzumaki, meaning "Spiral". Her Stratos can transform parts of its body into drills.

Suzaku HoshizoraEdit

A drop-out student of Hoshizo High School that joined the school again after he was defeated in the Stratos Tournament. He is a person who likes to fight and usually admires opponents he cannot defeat unless he holds a grudge against them. His wish is to fight the world's strongest fighter in a one-on-one match. His Stratos is named Kusari, meaning "Chain". His Stratos uses chainsaws as weapons and has a total of 12 chainsaws on its body.

Jonouchi GingamaruEdit

The first Stratos opponent of Subaru. His wish is to become the most beloved man in the world. His Stratos is named Piero, meaning "Clown". He was defeated before he was able to reveal any of his Stratos' powers and abilities.

Normal CharactersEdit

Hoshizo High SchoolEdit

Kana TsuyoshiEdit

The childhood friend of Suta. She has been friends with Suta since their parents introduced them with each other when they were still infants. She is like Suta in many ways but is less energetic and more interested in art then journalism. She usually sticks around with Suta until Suta started to follow Subaru, making her start to think that Suta is Subaru's girlfriend, so she and her other friends try to make Suta and Subaru stick together as much as possible.

Riyu SekaiEdit

One of Kana and Suta's friends. She loves to stalk her friends when they are around boys and usually tries to get them together. Out of all of her friends, she is most interested in Suta's relationship with Subaru and had gotten a lot of people interested in their relationship also.

Nana ChikyuuEdit

One of Kana and Suta's friends. She is a quiet and serious type of person who often feels embarassed around boys. She is one of the many people who has taken an interest in Suta and Subaru's relationship.

Hitomi TsukimiEdit

One of Kana and Suta's friends. She is one of the most athletic and popular girls in Hoshizo High School. She was the first to notice Suta with Subaru and had began the rumors of them being lovers by accident. She has a fan-club dedicated to her.

Miyumi AisakaEdit

The rival of Hitomi. She is one of the most athletic and popular girls in Hoshizo High School. She has a major crush on Subaru and even has a shrine dedicated to him so she hates Suta and sees her as a love rival but still sees Hitomi as her school rival. She has a fan-club dedicated to her.


  • Most of the characters has a name related to the galaxy, mainly stars

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