This is the full list of characters from the anime Rusty Sky



The rebellion against Trutopia.

Aera VentEdit

The main protagonist. The most active member of Gears, willing to do any mission no matter how dangerous it is. He is a cold and unsensitive person who often changes his personality around children. He joined the Gears Rebellion Army to be able to get revenge for his village.

Leonidas DragenEdit

The captain of the Gears. He is a big and strong person who likes to tell jokes but they aren't funny. He created the Gears Rebellion Army to be able to take down Trutopia for destroying his town and often treats Aera as if he was his own son.

Ian FriezeEdit

The blacksmith leader of Gears. He is in charge of creating the weapons that Gears uses. He is an old man who enjoys working with metal but used to be a blacksmith of the Xolis army before he ran away.

Kane D'ArcEdit

One of the generals of Gears. He is the son of the former head knight of the nation of Eurae before it was destroyed by Trutopia in 749. He is a proud and honorable warrior who dislikes all Trutopians from the Kingdom.

Rie RondoEdit

The leader of the scout troop of Gears. She is a young girl the same age as Aera with emotionless eyes and the inability to talk. She does not have much of a personality and is often curious about things she finds interesting. Her inability to talk is often used in comical scenes with Arino when they try to communicate with each other.

Kal XavierEdit

A man obsessed with fighting and he is also one of generals of Gears. He is disliked by many of the members of Gears because he is rude and talks a lot. He had never once let Aera finish a sentence without getting punched in the face by him whenever they talk with each other.


The rebellion against Stellia.

Toki CastroEdit

The captain of Clockwork. He used to be a royal knight of Stellia before the Clown King killed the former king in 750 and took over. He has no desire to do anything other than get his revenge by killing the Clown King and regaining the kingdom he once loved.

Wiser QuinEdit

A general of Clockwork and a very strong-willed woman. She usually dresses like a man and is also treated like one by her subordinates. She is a very skilled swordswoman who would often fight with any strong warrior she comes by.


The rebellion against Xolis.

Thorn GustoEdit

The captain of Gust. He had blamed all of the nation's problems on the princess because after she had became ruler, the nation started having many problems. After the princess was revealed to be innocent after the rebellion against her, he was knighted and became one of the Princess' loyal bodyguards.


Thorn's first recruited member and a very mysterious man with very little history.

Three NationsEdit


A nation ruled over by Arthur Rocheford Vi Trust.

Arino TrustEdit

The main heroine. She is a famous singer and the princess of Trutopia who was kidnapped by Gears and later joined them. She is a royal and noble acting girl who tries to deny the truths of her nation, but is unable to due to the high amount of evidence. She had became Aera's wife at the end of the series after skipping 3 years after the revolutionary war.

Arthur Rocheford Vi TrustEdit

The true antagonist. He is the father of Arino and the King of Trutopia. He is a charismatic man who disguises his true motives under words the public wishes to hear.

Link Chevalier La SolanoEdit

A loyal knight under the service of the king. He is a skilled swordsman and spellcaster who hates Aera and believes the rebellions are just barbarians who are trying to take over the nations.

Henry WaltzEdit

A mercenary hired by Arthur Rocheford Vi Trust to kill Aera right after Arino was captured but was defeated by Aera and also saved by him before the Xolis revolution. He is a carefree man who is very skilled in speed and weaponry (mainly guns) who always speaks his mind.


A nation taken over by a mad man named the Clown King.

Clown KingEdit

The first main antagonist. A man with no memories of anything other then his desire to complete an incomplete project called Project Cards, thus, making him insane. He was killed by his own invention but not before killing many soldiers who fought to defend Stellia.

Baku HattoriEdit

The loyal advisor of the Kings of Stellia. He is an Stellian elfman who had served under the rule of all the Kings of Stellia since the 8th heir. He is over 150 years old and has never left the side of the kings.


A nation ruled by Princess Erina De Xolianos but secretly controlled by her advisor, Bando Drakon.

Erina De XolianosEdit

The princess and ruler of Xolis. She was unknowingly controlled by her trusted advisor, Bando Drakon, since the death of her mother, the former queen. She is a shy and innocent girl the same age as Aera and Arino who became very strong-willed after the revolution of her nation.

Bando DrakonEdit

The second main antagonist. The advisor of the Princess and the puppet master of Xolis. He is a strange man who often changes his behavior no matter of the situation. After his plan was found out, he had gone insane and had tried to kill the Princess using her family sword.

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