Season 1Edit

Episode Name Episode Description
Daydream Non-believer Rohan tries to prove to his friends that his daydreams are happening in real life.
Guess Who’s Coming to Japan Rohan wonders who will become his Neighbor next door, and decides to go investigate, Only to find out his soon-to-be neighbor, Suba has a strong dislike for Rohan.
First Day of School In the start of April, school starts and Suba is Rohan's classmate. Over a small squabble, they get further into rival territory fast. He also meets a girl named Dani Yungo, who likes to tease him, but may have hidden depths. He also meets Yori Mizuna, an adorable shy girl, who he thinks is cute. He then says he is over her by the end of the episode, but the running gag will be that they don't fall for each other at the same time.
All Bets Are Off
O Rohan Where Art Thou Rohan decides to run away from home, when his mother Announces she is pregnant.
The Gift
Winner Takes All
The New Fad
That's Peachy Rohan's uncle, Chiya's brother is getting engaged to a woman who seems arrogant and self-absorbed. And Rohan doesn't like her at first.

The New Kid

 A new kid joins the class and becomes Rohan's best friend. Also, while starting the fall session, Rohan struggles with the kanji.
Rohan and his cousin get into a fight and stop speaking to each other. But another surprise gets them to make up.
Valentine's Day By this time, it is revealed Yori transfered to another school.
Let's Stay in Sapporo A possibility of the Kunio family moving arises.
Birthday Boy It's Rohan's birthday, and in this episode, it is discovered that Suba is actually jealous of Rohan (Suba also points out that Dani obviously likes Rohan). After this is found out, it turns out Rohan and Suba could be friends after all.

Season 2Edit

Season 2 is announced to be a time skip by 6 years from the original show and will be counted as a semi-separate series. One episode mentions the Sapporo Snow Festival.

Episode Name Episode Description

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