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Below is a list of all the characters that appear in the Kingdom Hearts universe.

Destiny IslandsEdit

Sora Kairi5-1 Riku Shera
Sora Kairi Riku Sheherazādo
Final-fantasy-x-tidus Selphie 2147373-waka Dissidia ED Zidane Tribal by Moluscum
Tidus Selphie Wakka Zidane
CI 59922 1332625540 Jecht pyrefly vision Quistis1 Cactuar
Hope Jecht Quistis Cactuar

Radiant GardenEdit

Untitled Dirge-of-cerberus-final-fantasy-vii-20051104003114700 Merlins Cidkh
Leon Yuffie Merlin Cid
CloudStrife Kingdom hearts ii kingdom hearts ii tv2005122617094700185174 Tifadox8mf Sephiroth01-article image
Cloud Aerith Tifa Sephiroth
Rinoa's signature move Yuna-gunner-fmv Rikku4 Final-fantasy-x-2-paine-final-fantasy-jeux-video
Rinoa Yuna Rikku Paine
1333610479 Dilan kh bbs 20091201183702!Even bbsscreen Aeleus
Lea Dilan Even Aeleus
Birth by Sleep Ienzo by Zenethra Grandmas
Ienzo Kairi's Grandma

Traverse TownEdit

Neku Sakuraba (Kingdom Hearts 3D) JoshuaKH3D 21070-620x-Shiki Beats
Neku Sakuraba Joshua Shiki Beat
Rhyme and Moogle Julius KH3D Kain Opening FFIV DarkKain Attacks
Rhyme Julius Kain Kain?
7ac-denzel-2 11302f550c 14226877 o2 Char 57780 Pictures-final-fantasy-xii-characters-vaan003
Denzel Marlene Moogle Girl Vaan

Twilight TownEdit

Land of DepartureEdit

Castle OblivionEdit

Organization XIIIEdit

Disney CastleEdit


Olympus ColiseumEdit


Deep JungleEdit




Halloween TownEdit

Christmas TownEdit

Never LandEdit

100 Acre WoodEdit

Beast's CastleEdit

Mysterious TowerEdit

The Land of DragonsEdit

Timeless RiverEdit

Port RoyalEdit

Pride LandsEdit

Space ParanoidsEdit

Enchanted DominionEdit

Castle of DreamsEdit

Dwarf WoodlandsEdit

Mirage ArenaEdit

Deep SpaceEdit

Le Cité des ClochesEdit

Prankster's ParadiseEdit

Country of the MusketeersEdit

Symphony of SorceryEdit

The GridEdit

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