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Here is a List of Feast of the Black Strings Characters


Black StringsEdit

An aspiring musician, and lead singer and guitarist of Black Strings, recently graduated from High School and currently goes to the University whom he has a career related to art, in his free time or in a emergency case, Blake turns into Blas. He's 19 years old, born in September 17, has black hair and blue eyes, heights 173cm (5' 8").

Zelda is an attractive secretary, but when she becomes Sheena, she's the keyboardist of Black Strings, also she sings some of its songs as well, Zelda is often the intelligent and the most tactical when it comes about planning an attack or an invasion. She's 23 years old, born in December 15, has gray hair and green eyes, heights 163cm (5' 4")

Gavin is a music teacher, he's an expert on music, as Ace he's the drummer and sometimes the bassist, even a third singer, he cares about his fellow members, he looks serious but he's pretty much the opposite in personality, a nice guy and a playboy, he's the oldest member and the most rational. He's 35 years old, born in March 16, has white hair and red eyes, heights 183cm (6').


Sienna is a young mecha pilot hired by the "Record label" to take down the dominant force in the city, she's the pilot of Ragnarök, she's a fan of "Black Strings", but she doesn't know its identities, she's an expert drummer and sometimes comes when not in the mecha as the title of Fuschia Roxx. She's 17 years old, born in June 18, has brown hair and yellow eyes, heights 153cm (5' 0.2").

Supporting CharactersEdit

FEAST Company/Record LabelEdit

The President and boss of "Feast" and "Feast Company", he's serious and strict, cares little about his servants and only cares about winning and winning, due to the death of his daughter in the past he became a "Winning Addict", he's a little elitist. He's 54 years old, born in August 4, has blond hair and brown eyes, heights 180cm (5' 11").

  • Ameth

Is just an Alias for Elizabeth Amador, Ameth is a staff member of Feast, a friend and ardent fan of the Black Strings band, she used to be a public fortune teller, and still is one as the current time, she's the older sister of one of the "Four Horsemen", and has a vendetta against him. She's 32 years old, born in July 29, has lavender hair and turquoise eyes, heights 165cm (5' 5").

  • Roger Masters

Roger is the coordinator of the Ragnarök robot and Sienna's mentor, he doesn't care if his actions are bad/good, for Sienna & the band's well being that he will do drastic actions, much to Mr. Sampson's chagrin, used to be part of the "Four Horsemen", but he quitted, and is being wanted by them. He's 28 years old, born in May 31, has red hair and yellow eyes, heights 178cm (5' 10")

  • Sebastian von Stroheim

Sebastian is the driver of the Limusine of FEAST, he talks little and is introverted, he likes rock music and his passion is playing the saxophone in the Black Strings band for major events. He's 58 years old, born in January 25, has gray hair and hazel eyes, heights 175cm (5' 9")

Artistica Academia and Bloody Fang Detective AgencyEdit

  • Jonathan Travers

A heavily built young rebel detective who acts as the boss of Zelda Grizel, a clever and studious man who deeply cares for Zelda and her safety, also he investigates the censored works. He's 20 years old, Born in November 11, has dark blue hair and light blue eyes, heights 196cm (6' 5").

A Young lady who's the current girlfriend of Blake, she knows that Blas and Blake are the same person, she's kind and passionate, often making childish comments about the ironic life that resides in the city. She's 18 years old, Born in October 14, has pink hair and orange eyes, heights 168cm (5' 6").

  • Mildred "Tesla" Albain

Gavin's Cousin and the History/Science Teacher from the Artistica Academia, usually has a tough exterior, but she's highly perceptive and Intelligent, also she's really loyal to the Black Strings when trying to betray Sampson. She's 24 years old, born in April 18, She has Red hair and Ruby red eyes, heights 157cm (5' 3").

Non FEAST membersEdit

  • Martha Snider

She's the mother of Blake, and the one who opposes her son's wish to becoming a musician, because of the same wish that killed her husband and Blake's father in a unknown accident, she's a kind and has some "Iron Lady" tendencies. She's 46 years old, born in February 13, has orange hair and blue eyes, heights 160cm (5' 3").

  • Luke

Real Name: Lakia. It's is a talking pet and Sienna's companion, pretty much her only family, kind but critical when comes to training, its voice resembles a younger version of Sienna's father, as is claimed by Sampson. It's 10cm long, has cat ears and takes a form of a small fairy, its human form is 155cm (5' 1").

  • Shawn Grizel

Zelda's younger brother, a young scholar who's a ardent fanboy of Black Strings, and knows about his sister's indentity, he's cheery and likes to joke around. He's 21 years old, Born in February 10, has dark gray hair and dark green eyes, heights 170cm (5' 7").


Four Horsemen of ApocalypseEdit

  • Karen Ludenberg (Conquest/Pestilence)

Karen is a famous international model, but only in name, because she's in fact one of the Four Horsemen, she represents conquest, due to her desire of victory in any forms, she has won several model contests, wants to disband the band by any forms possible, even at certain form. Has White hair and purple eyes.

  • Lloyd Flynn (War)

Lloyd is the older brother of Elizabeth Amador (Ameth), a very famous executive, he's a member of the Horsemen, he also joined the Navy because he wants war to avenge the death of his beloved family (sans Ameth) by the hands of Sampson. Has Red hair and orange eyes.

  • Blair Turner (Famine)

Blair is a young woman who strives for having power in any forms, because she's the Horseman of Famine, being hungry in power, money and ambition, she's a lady from the lower streets of the city, and due to her extreme hunger, she destroyed even robots in her "games". Has Black hair and grey eyes.

  • Aurelius Krüger (Death)

The leader of the Horsemen and the oldest one, he has an unusually pale skin, and due to this, he has appeared in several public pictures in magazines, also is the lead singer of one of the rival bands that the Black Strings faces. He used to be friends with Gavin and Roger. Has Green-white hair and white eyes.

Other Rivals/Other EnemiesEdit

  • Joseph Williams, Kain Stevenson and Lilith

The Rival trio that often fights in frequent battle of the bands, they seem to be serious, but in fact, they're the comic relief and often fails to praise the crowd. But the trio are friendly and less "edgy" than the titular band. They're the counterparts of the band themselves.

  • Geminia/Eliza Sampson

Geminia is the enemy within Sienna Travers, she's the split personality that was born with her desire to being perfect, she's aggressive, violent and temperamental. When she appears inside of Sienna, her pupils are small and has a mad grin and a golden aura. Supposed to be the "deceased daughter" of Sampson, Eliza, She heights 155cm (5' 1") as Eliza, was a friend of hers and Sampson's daughter.

Sequel/Movie CharactersEdit

  • Melody "Melo"

A songstress who has lost her memories of most of her life, she's the woman that Blake meets for the first time. She looks far way older than the protagonist. She's physically 30 years old, has blonde hair with green eyes. Heights 163cm (5' 4").

  • Rock (Formerly: Donovan Snider/Jupiter Goldenrod)

An expert guitarist and solo singer, not to mention a Mecha driver, he also got recent recognition due to his striking resemblance to Blake's father, Donovan. Tragic at his best and worst, he's however thinking being above of humanity and develops a god complex. He's 50 years old. Has Black hair and green eyes. Heights 188cm (6' 2").

  • Jazz Krone (Real name: Liam Milford)

Jazz is a young woman who dresses like a boy because she happened to be raised like that by her parents, nobody sans Wilhelm knows his secret and he sends Liam as Jazz to look for the band and FEAST, wants to become a comic/manga artist. She's 15 years old. Has green hair and light brown eyes. Heights 150cm (4' 11").

  • Wilhelm Krone

A man who's connected with the "Holy Family". He has some mysterious schemes such as "The Program of Mother S." or "Sacrifice to the cursed death". He's apparently older than he looks, and orders Jazz to do the necessary, He's between 25~40 years old. Has white hair and black eyes. Heights 180cm (5' 11").

  • Fanaticale Monsters

Known as Alto, Gig, Tango and Lyric. They're the summons of a Man only known as "Rock". Depicted as hermits, monsters and ugly biologic weapon creatures, they are pretty much like mythological creatures.

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