Icarus Wing Remastered

The Icarus Wing Complete Series Remastered pack. Pictured: Icarus (background), Dawn (bottom right), Jet (middle right) and Penance (top right).

This article is the complete collection of episodes in the anime Icarus Wing. The anime was aired for a long time, with breaks between seasons. This article also contains a summary of the movie.

Season 1Edit

Episode Number Title Summary
1 Ruins of Zeonia A brief summary is given of the world of Zeonia and how humans get around. It then cuts to Icarus, who is travelling on the desert's edge, heading for the Ruins. Along the way, he finds a ransacked desert village. Exploring, he meets Dawn, a young woman about his age, and her companion Penance, a mechanic who has lost all his memory. After a brief argument, Icarus lets them come with him to the ruins.


of the Ancients

Coming Soon!

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