This is the list of fictional characters from Captain Kai: To the End of Infinity.


Full Name: Kaiyu Rolque De Cheveron Goken
Born: February 27, 5093
Voice: Jun Fukuyama

The main protagonist of the series. Kai is a 20 year-old man who was once part of a rich family but, his family was killed by terrorists from the Drake Kingdom, leaving only him left in his entire family. When Kai was younger and was still known as Kaiyu, he was a musical prodigy who mastered every instrument that could have been used for an orchestra. After the tragedy of losing his family at age 15, Kai shortened his name to simply just "Kai Goken" since he was no longer nobility, and joined the Galero Army to have his revenge on the Drake Kingdom. During his time in the Galero Army, he was a cold-hearted and unsociable boy who was filled with anger and would kill anyone who was in his way for revenge. He learned swordsmanship from Jericho Stark, who taught Kai everything he knew about swordsmanship, only to learn later that Jericho was a hypocrite who loved killing and cut his ties with him. Kai became an admiral and was given his own ship in year 5111 at 18 years-old, where he learned to forget his vengeance against the Drake Empire after their surrender. Later in that year, Kai stumbled upon a meeting by accident where Emperor Tristan and Sir Jericho were speaking of their plans to the other lords, and there he learned of the true goal of the Galero Empire, which was not to end peace but to start another war. After hearing of the empire's true plans, Kai had thrown away everything he believed in for the empire and was in deep thought during his first mission as admiral in his ship, the Mordred. While Kai was still in thought in the mission, he saw the hundreds of innocent people being killed for the sake of the empire and aborted the mission while they were winning. After Kai aborted the mission, he returned to the Galero Empire only to drop everyone off and leave with a crew of only four people, just enough to pilot the ship. For two years, Kai and the other three, Lail Strat, Cain Ayers, and Zack Feller, disappeared from all radars. During the two years the Mordred crew had disappeared, they were seeing the galaxy for what it was and gathered a crew for their ship, renaming it the Seraphim. Two years after their disappearance, the Infinity Pirates appeared with Kai as their captain; an arrogant man who loves to show his ring to his prey and slice it in his hand with his family's rapier, Trinity, becoming very different from who he was before. Kai now dresses in a black admiral suit with a long black pirate cape and black leather gloves and boots. He is seen throughout the series going to a certain church alone to pray despite not believing in God, so he often gets asked about why he goes to one but never has an answer.

At the end of the last battle against the Galero Empire, he fought and won against Emperor Tristan, but was mortally wounded. Before he died, he asked Mako to marry him by using his ring and kissed her right before he died, leaving her with his child inside her.


Full Name: Lail Victors Strat
Born: March 4, 5087
Voice: Kazuya Nakai

Kai's firstmate and best friend. Lail is a 26 year-old man who was born and raised in a family obsessed with honor and loyalty towards one's master. When Lail was younger, he was trained by his father and was passed down the Strat Family Sword Style, a dual-wielding sword style that requires the user to be flexible, fast, and coordinated. In Lail's childhood years, he was raised to become a gentleman, but he was feared throughout his academy because of his unusual height and strength; only one person, a child named Cathy, was not afraid of him, which led to Lail loving children and never wanting to ever hurt them. Lail joined the Galero Army to find someone worthy of becoming his master, as did his father and his father before, and found Admiral Kai, a year after joining the army. When Lail joined Admiral Kai's squad, Lail was skeptical due to seeing him waver so much during their first mission, but soon realized that he was right to do so after finding out of the Galero Empire's plans. When Kai left the Galero Army, Lail was the first to know and the first to join him, but later came Cain Ayers and Zack Feller, who joined them on their leave. During their two year disappearance with the space battleship, the Mordred, Lail developed an advanced version of his family's sword style, grew out his hair, and lost his right eye during a duel with a former knight of the Drake Kingdom named Syrus El Rosarim, of whom he had killed and gained reputation from. After killing the knight, Syrus El Rosarim, Lail recieved the nickname "Demon Dancer" for his frightening looks and his inhuman speed. Lail acts the same way as he did now as he did before: quiet, mysterious, unpredictable, but very kind. Lail dresses in a black uniform similar to Kai's, but it has tattered sleeves and steel shin guards.

At the end of the last battle, he died protecting the Infinity Pirates after becoming mortally wounded from fighting off soldiers while they were trying to get to the Seraphim. Before he died, he successfully kills all the soldiers that were on the port which the Seraphim was on and proceeded to the spot Kai died on, where he sat and died from blood loss.


Full Name: Mako Herald
Born: March 17, 5093
Voice: Ami Koshimizu

Mako is a mysterious 20 year-old woman who was recruited by Kai to become the Seraphim's navigator. Mako is a highly skilled marksman who can hit a target from 500 meters with a handgun, which is also her favorite weapon. Mako is acts cold-hearted towards everyone and prefers to be alone, being very unsociable; Kai is the only person who she allows to speak to her normally because he understands the pain of why she is like that, but she still tries to keep him away. Before Mako was a pirate, she was the sole survivor of the Ophelia's explosion in year 5099, a frontier with lush greens and greatest source of supplies for the Helio Union before it was attacked and destroyed by the Galero Empire; having survived by being the only person to have reached a life-pod, Mako crash landed on the small planet called Junk, and as the name states, it is a planet full of garbage. Mako lived on the planet Junk by learning to steal and not care for others only a year after landing on the planet, and just barely making it alive her first few months. Mako had learned her gunman skills by training for 6 years after stealing a gun from a man who tried to kill her, taking away his life and making her want to learn better ways to defend herself; Mako started her training with slingshots and learning the directions of the stars and wind, eventually becoming the perfect navigator by accident. For 12 years of her life, Mako lived alone in poverty, stealing from others, and cursing the ugliness of humans, forgetting the kindness that she experienced when she was 6 years and younger, until she met Kai, who reminded her of kindness and appriciation. Mako had met Kai on the planet Junk in year 5111, a month after he left the Galero Empire and a day after he fell into the planet; Kai was found unconscious in a destroyed scout ship by Mako a day after he crashed, barely hanging onto life. Mako saved Kai's life and Kai repaid her by taking her off Junk and making her the fifth member of the Infinity Pirates.

A day before the final battle, Mako tried to confess her feelings to Kai, but instead, she was comforted and then convinced him to sleep with her. The next day, she became pregnant but told no one. At the end of the final battle, she was proposed to by Kai, and after she accepted, she also told him of their baby, which surprised and made him happy to have a child. A year after that day, Mako is shown happily alone with her baby son, Kai, on a lush green field next to the sea.


Full Name: Stevan Scarl Speighl
Born: August 1, 5083
Voice: Hikaru Midorikawa

The former serial killer known as "Slicer Stevan" who was known for murdering two dozen men high ranked soldiers. Before becoming a serial killer, Stevan was a scientist and bodyguard who lived with his wife and daughter in the frontier known as the Odin, a giant golden-colored frontier that was the capital for the Cosmo Federation. Stevan was also working as a bodyguard for the President of the Cosmo Federation because he was strong and trustworthy enough to serve him as a member of the government. On the days Stevan worked personally beside the president, they became very good friends for they had many things in common but, on the day they had decided to have their families meet each other, the Galero Empire attacked without warning. The Cosmo Federation would not surrender to the Galero Empire no matter how horrible the tragedy of the attack was, but at the end of the day, the president was killed along with his family and Stevan's wife and daughter. Stevan barely escaped that day from the attack, surviving by having being forced to abandon his friend and their families; Stevan had lost his arms, his pride, his family, his friend, and his sanity. Three months later, Stevan created new arms for himself using his feet and mouth to build it, and as another month passed, he perfected his weapons. Two years later in year 5110, Stevan was captured and put into prison for murder of 24 high-ranked officials of the Galero Army by cutting them into pieces, earning the name "Slicer" as it suited him well. In his time in prison, though short, he had became the man he once was again, calm, smart, soft, and kind. In year 5111, Kai released him from the prison in the planet Junk, Alcatraz, the day he and Mako left the planet. Kai knew of who Stevan was and could understand his reasons for his crimes, which was part of the reason why Kai wanted him after he saw Alcatraz on Junk, but he mainly wanted him for his genius rather than his hope for revenge and redemption. Now, Stevan is mainly called by his nickname "Slicer" because he believes it is part of the punishment God has put on him to seek for redemption, as the chain which binds him to his evil past. At 30 years-old, Slicer is the shipwright and scientist for the Inifinity Pirates on board the Seraphim and uses his mechanical arms as claws as his weapons for justice.

At the day of the last battle, Slicer fought along side Addam and Zero, guarding the Seraphim from the enemy. Not much was shown of him, but he was able to hold the defense long enough with Zero after Addam left for Lail and Mako to make it back to the ship. After the battle, he adopts Sam as his own daughter and changes his name to Stevan Astéri, where they live in peace in a farm near Mako's new home.


Full Name: Addam Xan Jackal
Born: December 14, 5042
Voice: Yosuke Akimoto

Addam is the 71 year-old doctor of the Infinity Pirates who was recruited to get his vengeance against the space pirate and Galero knight, Jericho Stark. In Addam's younger years, he was a soldier for the Drake Kingdom, but he retired early after serving only 15 years in the army, leaving at the age of 32 to get married to his fiancee, Victoria. After leaving the army, he settled down in the planet, Hera, a green planet used for farming with his wife and son, Noah. As a farmer, Addam learned to become a medical doctor because there weren't any in the town he lived in, eventually becoming the greatest doctor in the planet within only four years. In year 5095, Addam's granddaughter, Christina, was born a day after the town mayor's child, Zero, was born and they became nearly inseparable after their first meeting, this worried Addam about their future because Zero was the son of the mayor, a hot-headed man who was overconfident and short-tempered despite being a good leader. Four years later, pirates named the Jericho Pirates raided the town Addam lived in and killed his son and daughter-in-law along with the mayor; Addam was able to escape with Christina being safe, but he himself was critically injured. Addam found Zero in the woods bleeding with injuries but alive and well the next morning and adopted him as his grandson; he and his grandchildren moved to the next town and lived in it as refugees for the next 14 years. In year 5112, the crew of the Mordred, now renamed Seraphim, landed in the planet of Hera for supplies, but they were kicked out of the town because they were thought to be pirates, which they immidiately did become right after it was asked if they were pirates by decision of Captain Kai. Due to their need of supplies, Kai struck a deal with the mayor who had to convince Addam to agree to the arrangement; after five days, the crew of the Seraphim (now known as the Infinity Pirates), were ready to leave, but they were stopped by Zero and Chris, who wanted to join them for revenge against the Jericho Pirates, but just then, another group of pirates landed next to the town and attacked. The pirates were led by a man named Jack Shallows and his crew was easily defeated by the Infinity Pirates with the help of Addam even with overwhelming numbers; Jack Shallows had his ring stolen by Kai as his first ever treasure as a pirate. Addam was convinced that Kai was the man who held the key to his family's vengeance after seeing him in battle protecting the town, thus, he along with his grandchildren joined his crew as pirates.

At the day of the last battle, Addam fought to defend the Seraphim alongside Slicer and Zero. After fighting against the enemy for awhile, Addam got frustrated and ran through the enemy killing as much of them as he could on the way to Kai. When Addam reached Kai, he was fighting a duel against Jericho Stark, the man who he wanted revenge against, and took Kai's place in the duel, allowing him to move forward as Addam gets his chance at vengeance. At the end of the duel, Addam won, but he was stabbed in the lung with a last strike from Jericho. Addam dies happy with his vengeance finished and his grandchildren being alive.


Full Name: Zero Kaiser
Born: July 12, 5095
Voice: Kenichi Suzumura

Zero is the adopted grandchild of Addam Jackal; he is an 18 year-old mechanic specialist who assists Slicer in repairing and fixing the Seraphim. Zero is a hot-headed and reckless young man who joined the Infinity Pirates for revenge against the space pirate, Jericho, the man who destroyed his town and killed his family. Before he joined the Infinity Pirates, Zero was a mechanic in a town in the planet, Hera. Zero was born as the son of a mayor and grew up with his beloved childhood friend, Chris, as his sister after the raid of his town. For 14 years, Zero dedicated his life to fixing and repairing machines, but he never gave up trying to become closer to Chris nor did he ever give up his rage at the man who destroyed his town. A year before he met with the Infinity Pirates, Zero was modifying a small cannon he named "Kaiser Killer" which shoots lasers like a mini-gun and could also shoot a hyper-beam by inserting a special magazine in it; the Kaiser Killer became Zero's primary weapon in which he vows to use it for what he sees as justice. Now, Zero is a pilot, mechanic, and chef for the Infinity Pirates. Zero loves aircrafts and dreams of being able to captain a ship to travel across the skies of his home planet and space, which is why he was selected to be the third-in-command by Kai if he or Lail were ever gone from the ship.

At the day of the last battle, Zero stayed behind to protect the Seraphim with his grandfather, Addam, and his teacher, Slicer, fighting to protect it alongside him. After Addam left to find Jericho, Zero stayed behind with Slicer; not much of him and Slicer were shown until Mako and Lail made it back to the ship, where they all left the port immidiately after Lail stayed behind. A year later, Zero is the new captain of the Seraphim, being able to fulfill his dream and also his long time goal of becoming lovers with Chris. As the new captain of the Seraphim, Zero gathered a new crew for space piracy and justice to preserve the legend of the Infinity Pirates, who both served and destroyed the Galero Empire.


Full Name: Christina Jackal
Born: July 13, 5095
Voice: Maaya Sakamoto

Chris is the grandchild of Addam Jackal and childhood friend and sister of Zero. Chris is an 18 year-old nurse who helps her grandfather in medical work, but she also knows how to defend herself as she has sword fencing skills which she learned for the same reasons as Zero with his gun skills, vengeance. For 14 years after her town was destroyed by the space pirate, Jericho, Chris worked as an assistant to her grandfather and learned swordplay from a swordsmith named Aire in the town they took refuge in. Ever since their first meeting, Chris and Zero had been friendly to each other, but after their town was destroyed, they became siblings and grew further apart despite being so close. Now as the nurse and assistant doctor for the Infinity Pirates, Chris serves the crew well and cures their injuries and illnesses, but she is also the sparring partner of Mako in sword-training. Chris has been in battles and has seen much death, but she cannot will the determination to kill someone because she fears the burden of death on her shoulders, unlike most of the crew who are willing to make sacrifices and bear the guilt. Even though she loves Zero, she hides it even though he doesn't because she is afraid of what will happen if she accepts it.

At the day of the last battle, Chris remained in the Seraphim because she cannot kill a person, so she was left to help anyone who was injured in the fight with Sam helping her. When the Seraphim left without Addam, Chris cried her heart out in despair of losing her grandfather as well as her parents and friends from years ago; later she is comforted by Zero, where she confesses her true feelings. A year later, she marries Zero and becomes the doctor of the new Infinity Pirates, joining them in an adventure of piracy and justice.


Full Name: Cain Ayers
Born: March 13, 5088
Voice: Tomokazu Seki

Cain is a 25 year-old pilot of the Seraphim who loves excitement and adventure. Cain joined Kai in leaving the Galero Empire because he didn't want to be stuck being binded to his strict family's honor and pride of serving the Galero family and also because he learned of the true goal of the Galero Empire. Cain does not have any knowledge of how to fight, but he is skilled enough with a gun to know how to defend himself; so he is the main pilot for the Seraphim and also the communications operator. Cain was known to be a womanizer in his teen years and it because of this was the reason he joined the army; his parents forced him to join the army to maintain their family's honor and also to get rid of the bad reputation that he was giving their family name by flirting with so many woman. He was promoted quickly in his time in the Galero Army because of his prodigy-like skills in piloting, but part of it was because he bribed his senior officer and blackmailed his supervisor. He found out about the Galero Empire's true plans after accidentally hearing a meeting when he was crawling in the vents trying to sneak back into his dorm after a night out with a woman; he was lucky to safely escape before he was caught by the guards. When he was assigned to be a pilot for the Mordred under the command of Kai, he was confused on how such a young soldier could be his leading commander and was skeptical about Kai's ideas when he was invited to leave the Galero Empire, but he later agreed and only regretted not having to be able to sleep with more women before he left. Cain dresses in a white Galero Army uniform which he came to like after having worn it for so long, but he removed all of the attachments it had with the Galero Army.

At the day of the last battle, Cain was air support at defending the Seraphim. Cain was heavily injured after the Seraphim after his craft was shotdown, but he managed to survive after the Seraphim left the port and he landed in it, but he fainted and nearly died of shock after hearing of Kai, Lail, Addam, and Zack's deaths. A year later, Cain is seen giving flowers to the graves of his four friends who had died after telling the flower seller girl, Wendy, who is actually his old friend, that it was for more women; Wendy actually followed him in secret and heard him tell Zack's grave about her and how she could be Cain's "true" woman.


Full Name: Zack Arwall Feller
Born: January 10, 5081
Voice: Akio Ōtsuka

Zack is a 32 year-old pilot of the Seraphim alongside Cain. Zack is a husband and a father of two children, but his wife and son died with Kai's family in the Drake terrorist attack in year 5108 and his daughter went missing and was assumed dead. Zack had been a soldier in the Galero Army for 13 years before he left with Kai, Lail, and Cain. During his years in the Galero Army, he never questioned anything, never disobeyed an order, and never spoke to anyone in the army when he wasn't supposed to; even after he married his wife, Medina, and gave birth to his son and daughter, Ben and Nadia, he remained the same in the army, but he was very fatherly when he was off duty. Zack left the Galero Army not because he knew of their true plans, but because he found out the army was secretly training and using children as military test subjects and wanted to stop it by destroying the Galero Empire. After joining Kai in leaving the Galero Empire, he never told anyone his objectives or reasons of why he left, instead, he remained quiet for most of the time like how he was in the army. He started changing his ways after meeting Sam who reminded him of his daughter because they were both very stubborn and hated being treated like kids. Zack is a skilled pilot, gunman, navigator, leader, mechanic, swordsman, and musician, but he prefers to do the things he likes so he leaves most of the work to the others while doing mostly just piloting the Seraphim beside Cain. He often has arguments with Cain when he is speaking of women; even though Zack doesn't speak much, he still gets his arguments across to him.

At the day of the last battle, he apologized to Cain for their arguments without losing pride and then joined Kai, Lail, and Mako to invade the inside of the the Galero base. In the base, Zack left the group to go to the labs where the experiments were and met with a scientist named Carlson, the head of the military science division, who was controlling the minds of three 12 year-old children, one of which was Nadia, Zack's daughter. Zack killed Carlson after Carlson killed two of the children and was threatening to kill Nadia after they awoken from their mind control. A year later, his grave is seen next to Kai, Lail, Addam, and his wife and son's graves being visited by Cain.


Full Name: Samantha Astéri
Born: October 31, 5101
Voice: Emiri Katō

Sam is a 12 year-old tomboy who became a stowaway on board the Seraphim after her parents were killed by soldiers of the Galero Army for disobeying their orders. Sam boarded on the Seraphim in year 5113 and became a mechanic apprentice under Slicer by Kai's orders after she was discovered. For her first three days on the Seraphim, she was hiding as a boy because she was afraid of rape since the crew of the Seraphim were pirates, but on her forth day on the ship, Zack revealed that she was a girl because he noticed the feminine acts that a normal boy wouldn't do. Sam begins to act more feminine after being revealed and becomes less paranoid after spending many months on the ship. Before Sam joined the Infinity Pirates, she lived in a town governed strictly under a Galero noble named Hungar Justine, a greedy and vile man in his 50s who controlled the town as if it was his own mansion. After Sam's parents refused to pay an overpriced tax, soldiers came to their home to demand the pay, but they refused and were killed on the spot in front of Sam. Just moments later, the Infinity Pirates landed in the middle of the town and destroyed a statue of Hungar, where they proceeded to raid the bases of the soldiers to obtain supplies; after they were done, the Infinity Pirates destroyed the home of Hungar Justine with a cannon and exploded the town's government building, killing Hungar's strongest underlings and most loyal politicians while Hungar himself was away from the town to move to the capitol of the Galero Empire. Sam snuck into the Seraphim while Kai and the others were causing havok and was about to show herself to the crew after leaving the planet, but she was discovered by one of the mechanics right after lift-off. Sam begged to join the crew to let her join, but she was rejected and was about to be dropped off until she announced she wanted revenge. When she announced she wanted Hungar Justine dead, Kai changed his expression and pointed his sword at her and asked if she was willing to die for revenge; Sam answered with a hesitant yes. Kai told her that she was naive and allowed her to stay on board, making her become a mechanic apprentice under Slicer. Now, Sam gets along well with the Infinity Pirates and had changed her ways of thinking, also becoming a daughter-like figure to Slicer and reminding Zack of his daughter.

At the day of the last battle, Sam stayed inside the Seraphim with Chris, helping the injured and fixing parts of the ship that were damaged. After she hears the news of Kai, Lail, Addam, and Zack's deaths, she couldn't help but cry because they were all her friends and father-figures who helped guide her to living a sinless life. A year later, Slicer adopts her to become his daughter changes his life for the better by becoming peaceful farmers.


Full Name: Nadia Nemo Feller
Born: November 10, 5101
Voice: Yoshino Takamori

Nadia is the 12 year-old daughter of Zack. Nadia was kidnapped at the age of 8 after the terrorist attack on year 5108 and was chosen to become a DOLLS (Drone Operated Loyal Level Soldier) with several other children by the Galero Empire scientist, Loe Carlson. For 5 years, Nadia was trained to become a soldier at a young age through survival training, but in the third year of the five, she and the other surviving children were equipped with suits that strengthens their abilities and also control their minds through sounds of a certain remote that was only used by Professor Carlson. By year 5113, only Nadia and two other children were able to survive the DOLLS training and lived on as mind-controlled child soldiers for the Galero Empire.

At the day of the last battle, Nadia and the other two children were put as guards for Professor Carlson as he prepared his items to leave, but was interrupted by the battles and stopped by Zack Feller. Nadia and the other children, being controlled, tried to kill Zack and succeeded, but not until Zack snapped them out of their control. Zack killed Carlson after Carlson killed the two other children, saving his daughter, Nadia and then told her to go to the Infinity Pirates. A year later, Nadia becomes part of the Infinity Pirates as one of the sailors of the Seraphim.


Full Name: Wendy Lowell
Born: August 21, 5088
Voice: Mariya Ise

Wendy is the childhood friend of Cain Ayers. Wendy is a kind and motherly young woman at the age of 25 and she also runs a flower shop of whom Cain was a regular customer of before he became a pirate. During the time that Cain was a pirate, Wendy ran her shop as she usually did except she wonders about what Cain was doing. Not much is known about Wendy's past.

A year later, Cain becomes a regular customer of Wendy's shop again, but she suspects him of buying flowers only to woo more women. Wendy follows him in secret the next time he bough flowers and followed him to a graveyard, where she blushes after hearing that Cain wants her to become his "true" woman.


Born: June 19, 5039
Voice: Masaharu Satou

Aire is a 74 year-old swordsmith and the master of Chris. Aire taught Chris swordplay at a young age and was never beaten by her even at her current age. Aire is a kind old man who loves pranks, jokes, and youth; he always wishes to be young again so he could flirt with girls and get into fun brawls. He is a master swordsman and swordsmith who is only rivaled by Lail in swordsmanship. Aire was a grandfather before the attack of the old town where Addam, Zero, and Chris lived; in the town was his son and his family, but they died in the attack from Jericho Boa Stark.

A year later, he is said to have died of a heart-attack and his grave was shown next to the ruins of the old town that was destroyed, where his family died.


Full Name: Tristan El Galero
Born: March 6, 5085
Voice: Kenji Hamada

The main antagonist of the series. Tristan El Galero is a 28 year-old man and the seventh emperor of the Galero Empire. As a child, Tristan was the youngest of his ten brothers and the son of a maid, making his stand in the line for emperor, virtually impossible. As a child, he was taught fencing by the military commander, Jericho Stark, the only man he could trust in the palace as they shared the same interests of twisted ideals. Growing up, he was bullied by his brothers and ignored by several nobles, until he became an adult and secretly killed his three oldest brothers along with another nobleman who tried to use him for his own goals. At the age of 19, he managed to blackmail three of his brothers, imprison and torture four of his brothers, and bring his last brother into despair by assassinating his mother and his wife; in the end, Tristan was the only one in the line for the throne who was able to take the title of emperor. At the age of 23, Tristan was officially named to be the inheritor of the empire by his father, and the next year, he poisoned him and became the emperor of the Galero Empire at the age of 24, making the blame of his death to his third eldest brother, who was known to be easily angered and thus, was believed to kill their father out of jealousy. For four years after, Tristan El Galero ruled the Galero Empire as a "benevolent" lord who was believed by the people to bring about an end to the long war against the Drake Kingdom, however, his true goal was to extend the war for as long as possible. Tristan El Galero was a man who loved violence, destruction, and chaos, but wore a mask to disguise his true intentions.

At the day of the final battle, Galero waited in his throne room afraid and excited about the intruders. After Kai broke into the room, Galero challenged him to a duel where they both fought each other using their families' famous swords. In the duel, both of them tried to use dirty tricks against each other to win, such as tripping the other, using guns, and throwing items to mess the other up. In the end, Galero is mortally stabbed by Kai after a quake from the explosions in the base, but also manages to stab a vital point in Kai's shoulder. After another quake from the explosions in the base, the palace began to crumble and fall apart, and Galero is finished off by a giant piece of stone that fell from the cieling. His misdeeds were soon revealed after a month of the incident from several people who had witnessed it themselves.


Full Name: Jericho Boa Stark
Born: May 28, 5079
Voice: Tetsu Shiratori

(to be finished later)


Full Name: Loe Carlson
Born: December 13, 5080
Voice: Shin-ichiro Miki

(to be finished later)

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