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Season 1Edit

New Team ArcEdit

  • Episode 1 - Memories of a dog's name
Raiden remembers his past of the time how he obtained his nickname as "Blood Hound" in the Neo Human Marine Army beginning when the former Strike Squad had just recieved their mission (can be read in the plot of Blood Hound page). The episode ends with Raiden getting a message about his new team and getting released from suspension.
  • Episode 2 - Meet the new crew
As Raiden recieves the message about his suspension ending, he puts back on his uniform and walks to the Strike Squad cafeteria, but was immidiately thought to be another new recruit due to his looks and age when he got there. He was then greeted by the four youngest recruits Lily, Ricky, Noel, and Franky, and later was talked to about the rumors and their expectations of the new captain; they were expecting the captain to be strict middle-aged man in his early 40s who hates everything, but they were wrong. About 20 minutes later, the colonel, Xavier Hunter, had asked the captain to come to the front so Raiden stood up and walked to the front making the four recruits wonder why he was walking, but once Raiden had gotten to the front, he introduced himself as the captain of Strike Squad, "Blood Hound" Raiden Tsubaki, surprising everyone.
  • Episode 3 - Mission Start!
A day after the introductions of the new Strike Squad, they were given their first mission; objective: stop the Celestials from transferring an item, codenamed "Black Utopia", to the planet Euraqua's temperary human lookout and supply facility. As Strike Squad starts the mission, everyone had already known their roles and had gotten to the positions they were ordered to but, after five minutes of sitting in the same spot doing nothing but look at the enemy doing the same things over and over, Noel and Franky were getting frustrated by the lack of activity and had caused the Celestials to notice them. After being spotted, Noel and Franky took out their guns and fought back against the Celestials but were about to be killed until Cairo had sniped an enemy who was coming towards them as they were reloading; the rest of the team soon came out of hiding since their main covering was already blown and continued the mission, ending in a success after Raiden had destroyed the Black Utopia, which was actually an energy disabler that would have cut off all the power to the unregistered items in its radius; the team then came back to the ship in victory with no friendlies dead or even injured.
  • Episode 4 - There's not always a celebration
After returning home from the mission, John Yang had surprised everyone in the cafetaria after they all had gotten there; John had already organized a celebration party for Strike Squad's first mission victory a day before they began the mission without anyone knowing. Once the party had began, John had told everyone that he had already knew no one was going to die and that he already knew that the mission would be a success, he then told everyone to get a drink for a toast and everyone except Raiden did; they then officially began the party after the toast not noticing that the captain wasn't there. Not much time later in the party, Lily had noticed that Raiden wasn't anywhere in the room and had asked around for him only to find out no one knew where he was either, so she then looked in the Strike Squad home room and found him looking out the window; she had began to talk to him about the party and he responded by telling her about his first mission, ending by saying "There's not always a celebration, remember that well".
  • Episode 5 - I will not forget and I will never forgive
A few weeks after the party of their first mission, Ricky, Noel, and Franky were bored and had nothing to do since Strike Squad had not recieved any mission orders in a while, so they had decided to pull a prank on everyone in Strike Squad, one by one. As Ricky and Franky set things up for the first prank, Noel was the bait to lure four of the other guys in the team together and as soon as they got together in the same spot, they were all shot with food and were angered; as the three continued their pranks, they eventually got to the captain, Raiden, and prepared a pie slingshot for when he comes out of the dojo, but once he came out and was shot at, he cut the pie in half with his sword and scared the three enough to run away. Soon, the three continued their pranking, and this time, it was Lily, but everytime they got close, they kept failing to get her with the pranks, and right when they were finally about to get a direct shot, Raiden saves her from the prank and tells the three boys "I will not forget, so I will never forgive!" which later resulted in the three being punished and being forced to work in kitchen duty for the next 25 days, the amount of food they wasted on the pranking.
  • Episode 6 - Show me your resolve as a warrior!
Not long after the pranks of the three jokers, a new soldier, Jude Drejik, was transferred to Strike Squad and was given a tour of their lounge by Creet Lee, a timid but smart young man; after seeing one room in particular, Jude went inside without any notice and was gazing in admiration as he saw what the room was, a tatami layered Japanese-styled dojo room, but when Raiden saw him, he glared at Creet and asked him why the new recruit was in his room. Jude then responded to him before Creet could answer and asked Raiden to be his mentor, which was immidiately turned down. When it was lunch time, Jude was surprised to see that the samurai was the leader of Strike Squad and went to meet with Raiden again after he quickly finished his meal; once he got to Raiden's room, Jude asked him to be his mentor again, but this time, Raiden slashed his sword near Jude's face and said "Show me your resolve as a warrior!" and Jude then picked up a wooden sword and started to train with him in sword fighting; after hours of training, Jude has lost each and every match they had, but during their fights, they had attracted the entire Strike Squad and to their surprise, Raiden had done something other than battle with someone else; the next day, Jude had began to call Raiden 'master' and followed him almost everywhere he went, but in the end, Raiden was only irritated by him.
  • Episode 7 - Battle in the stars
  • Episode 8 - Lucky turn in battle
  • Episode 9 - 07-Beast
  • Episode 10 - Repairs for the lost

Recruit ArcEdit

  • Episode 11 - Warriors returning to the battlefield
  • Episode 12 - The abandoned moon, Arystar
  • Episode 13 - The name's Rosy!
  • Episode 14 - Coming home
  • Episode 15 - Enter the new world, Heterra
  • Episode 16 - The lost civilization of 02
  • Episode 17 - Inferno from space, the demonic Celestials
  • Episode 18 - Rivals: Musashi vs Kojiro
  • Episode 19 - Ally from the enemy: Kyrios
  • Episode 20 - Peace after the storm
  • Episode 21 - Looking back in history

Season 2Edit

Red Path ArcEdit

  • Episode 22 - The bloody path of a warrior
  • Episode 23 - What is a human?
  • Episode 24 - Sword that cuts the heavens
  • Episode 25 - I salute to the living and I honor the dead
  • Episode 26 - Give me a reason, and I'll fight again
  • Episode 27 - I won't let anyone die anymore!
  • Episode 28 - Continuing the path of the warrior
  • Episode 29 - The men who live to fight
  • Episode 30 - The prince who rose from despair

Prophecy ArcEdit

  • Episode 31 - The prophet who cannot die
  • Episode 32 - Humans make mistakes, Celestials do not
  • Episode 33 - The angels who destroy
  • Episode 34 - Silence before the storm
  • Episode 35 - Do not forget the peace, do not forget the fallen, and do not forgive the demons
  • Episode 36 - Advent
  • Episode 37 - The final battle of humans and celestial beings
  • Episode 38 - Wave your flags proud warriors!
  • Episode 39 - The Legend of Momotaro
  • Episode 40 -You will remember us...
  • Episode 41 - ...even in your death!
  • Episode 42 - Into the endless sky we return

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