This is the list episodes for Art of War: Full Metal Guardian and Art of War: Operation Ghost

Full Metal Guardian EpisodesEdit

Ghost ArcEdit

  • Mission 1 - Cold Captain
Daisuke Hasashi, the adopted son and disciple of Ghost Wolf commander, Nomura Hasashi, had just enlisted and was immidiately promoted to general, causing uproar amongst the older veteran members of his squad and had then began his first official mission with a version 2 War Armor. After the mission was over, three members of the squad who were killed in action had caused Sgt. Akos Dragonov to be angered and wanted to kill Daisuke as he stood by him with a gun to his head showing no reaction. Once the squad had gotten back to the base, Daisuke was sent to his father's office for another mission and had met a girl named Sakura Hidari.
  • Mission 2 - Full Metal Guardian
Daisuke and Sakura were briefed on their mission and were told to protect a girl named Kasumi Amane, a girl their age but with an idol status and a strange ESPer ability. After a week of preperation, Daisuke and Sakura had began their new school lives as students in a rich school known as Tomoe High School and had started to secretly monitor Kasumi. Suspecting them to be stalkers after school ended, Kasumi had tried to run away from Daisuke and Sakura and had tripped and was about to be hit by a truck.
  • Mission 3 - Idol Night
About to be hit by a truck, Daisuke had jumped and had pushed Kasumi out of the way, protecting her but injuring himself. Once the trucker had called for an ambulance, Daisuke had stood up like he had a light fall. By paying back her debt, Kasumi had taken Daisuke and Sakura out to do whatever they wanted to do the next day and had ended the day by singing karaoke.
  • Mission 4 - Armed Artist
The next day, Kasumi had talked about after school activities and wanted to show Daisuke and Sakura the clubs to see if there was anything they wanted to join. Kasumi then shows them around the school and Daisuke was wanted by all the clubs. After seeing almost all the clubs, Kasumi had shown them to the clubs that not many people were in, including her fanclub, and had finally ended at her club, the art club.
  • Mission 5 - Date, Robbery, & Bazooka
The next day, a feared student named Mikuru Ayasaki had returned to school after ditching six days and had gotten a crush on Daisuke and had then forced him on a date during lunch. Skipping to the weekend, Daisuke had left Sakura in care of Kasumi and went to the date, only to stop at a bank robbery in the middle of their date. Once the bank robbers had began to escape on motorcycles, Daisuke had shot a missile from his bazooka and had stopped the criminals, after that, they had continued their date as if nothing happened.
  • Mission 6 - Ending the Day
At the end of the date, Mikuru had told Daisuke about why she had skipped school and why she was so feared among other students. Mikuru then has a flash back about her life and how she became the person she is today. At the end, Daisuke gave Mikuru words of advice and had told her very little information on himself, giving Mikuru the motivation to be more like her true self.
  • Mission 7 - Hidden Agenda
Daisuke and Sakura had recieved a message about a special alert a few days after Daisuke's date, indicating that there are prisoners of Ghost Wolf that had escaped and headed towards Japan, warning them just in case they show up in Tomoe High School. Once school had reached its lunch break, many students were talking about an escaped criminal that is most likely to be hidding in the city. After lunch had just ended, someone had jumped through the class window and shattered it, and had then pointed a gun at the students and forced them to go to the back of the class as he told the teacher to get him a phone.
  • Mission 8 - Terrorists & School
Once the terrorist had infultrated the school and had gotten hold of a phone, he had contacted his comrades hiding in Japan to come to Tomoe High School to get him. As the other students and staff escaped the building safely and called for help, class 2-B was trapped inside but was later saved by Daisuke making a threat to the terrorist with the same bazooka (unloaded) he used to capture the bank robbers. After the terrorist had given up due to fear, his allies had appeared into the school by sneaking through the back to avoid the police and had stopped Daisuke from his plans.
  • Mission 9 - Guns of Fear
After the terrorist group had finally arrived into class 2-B, the boss had punched Daisuke and knocked him to the ground, expecting him to be knocked out. Once the terrorist boss had layed out his escape plan, Daisuke had gotten up as if nothing really happened and had made a deal with the terrorists, knowing that it'd be easier to escape with only one hostage. After the deal was set, the rest of the students had escaped safely except for one who had tried to stop Daisuke from his plan, getting himself shot in the leg; once Daisuke had gotten them to the escape route, he had threw a gas grenade and knocked out the terrorists, becoming the hero of the school and headline of the news.
  • Mission 10 - Bonds of People
The day after the terrorist attack, Daisuke had became more popular then he already was before but was also more annoyed by the students of Tomoe. Trying to stay away from the news reporters and his schoolmates, he had went to a hidden lake behind the school and had began painting after seeing it, only to be interupted by Sakura and Kasumi also running away from the news reporters. Finally getting away from the reporters, Daisuke had went to the roof of the school to continue where he had left off in the painting but had also met Kasumi hiding from the reporters there, so Kasumi had began to talk and had told him why she had became an idol.
  • Mission 11 - War Begins
In the Ghost Wolf base, Commander Nomura Hasashi had recieved a message about Daisuke's heroic event in school and that he had failed the objective to have as little attention as possible since day 1 of the mission. In a desert in Asia, a terrorist named Chien Tranh had recieved information on his subordinates being defeated and arrested by a Japanese high schooler and had also recieved information on a girl with an ESPer ability that very few have and could be of his advantage if he had her. After hearing of his subordinates and the ESPer girl, Chien decides to travel to Japan to kill the boy and his failed subordinates and capture the girl.
  • Mission 12 - Immortal Terrorist
When Chien had gotten to Japan, he had immidiately set a bomb in the airport and exploded it right after he kicked it to the security room and had came out alive with hundreds of people dead from the explosion. Once the airport's explosion had made the news, Daisuke and Sakura had started becoming paranoid and had armed themselves with protection more than usual. After hearing about the explosion, Nomura had Ghost Wolf send Daisuke and Sakura customized version 3 W.A. built in with higher mobility and more sensitive heat sensors, preparing them for a decisive battle with Chien.

Wolf ArcEdit

  • Mission 13 - Kidnapped!
After they had armed themselves and tightened the security over Kasumi, Daisuke and Sakura had began to act differently from before and had made many students uncomfortable. After school ended, Daisuke had went home ahead to check for any new orders from Ghost Wolf as Sakura and Kasumi go out shopping to lighten up the mood a little. Right before they had gotten into a store, someone had recognized the girls and then they were kidnapped, not knowing what was going on, Sakura suspected them to be terrorists from Chien's group.
  • Mission 14 - Mind Battle
Now tied up, Kasumi and Sakura were thinking that it was the work of the terrorists, until a man with bruises on his face showed up and yelled at them about Daisuke; their kidnappers had actually turned out to be from a gang that Daisuke had beaten up once before and wanted revenge. Taking hold of Sakura's phone, one of the punks called Daisuke, only to be hung up on, three times in a row right after he answers. Finally at the fourth call, the punk yelled into the phone and told Daisuke about the two girls, so he had gone over to the meeting place and threatened them with bombs and acting as if he didn't care for the girls' lives, ending with the girls being returned safely.
  • Mission 15 - Silence Before the Storm
Not soon after the kidnapping, Daisuke and Sakura had recieved a message from Ghost Wolf, reporting that Chien Tranh was close to the city but was not seen anywhere in it, so they had knew something was going on. As class 2-B prepares for the school festival, Kasumi was not in her usual mood and had left the school early, but was later tracked down by Daisuke. When he had found Kasumi, she was behind her apartment building waiting for someone, her father.
  • Mission 16 - Past Revealed
After overhearing Kasumi and her father talk, Daisuke was frustrated and was in rage, which he had not felt since he had still lived in Hong Kong. Having reached his limit, Daisuke had came out of hiding and had began to argue with Kasumi's father, and revealing his mission and past to them. When they were done talking, Kasumi's father had left and abandoned his business with his daughter, ending with Kasumi having more feelings towards Daisuke.
  • Mission 17 - Class 2-B's Cafe
A day later, Daisuke and Kasumi had started acting like their usual selves again, and calss 2-B had began to work on their restaurant for the school festival, going with a Chinese theme in honor of the school's hero, Daisuke Hasashi. Starting to work on the cafe, the class representative, Chiname Satoshi, had began to organize everything for the restaurant as the other students start to set the place to look oriental, but they were soon interupted by the school's Host Club, annoying Daisuke to join them again. Skipping ahead to the day before the festival, class 2-B had finally finished building the Chinese cafe they were aiming to build, and everyone in class 2-B had celebrated by going to Chiname's mansion for a party.
  • Mission 18 - Festival Chaos, The Storm Arrives
On the day of the school festival, Tomoe High School had began the day with fireworks and opened the school for the public. As the people came in, every class had done a great job; plays, restaurants, games, contests, and many more. But in the middle of the festival, a strange man had entered the school and had killed the teacher of class 3-D with a gun, and had then attracted attention to himself.
  • Mission 19 - War Cry
When the gunshot was heard, the civilians who had been near the shooting had began to panic and run away, causing more people to panic and notice. Recognizing that the man was Chien, Sakura had ran to the storehouse to get the War Armors that she and Daisuke hid while Daisuke was in front of Chien's sight and had began to talk to each other. Soon after, Chien snapped his fingers and seven customized version 2 War Armors had appeared, breaking the walls surronding the school, but Sakura had also brought out their own customized War Armors.
  • Mission 20 - Battle of Tomoe, Part 1
Seeing the War Armors, Chiname and Mikuru had noticed something strange was definately going on, so they had made as much people as they could escape from the battlefield; most people had ran away while some stayed and watched. As Daisuke and Sakura fight the other seven War Armor pilots, Chien escapes and begins to look for Kasumi. Noticing Kasumi had disappeared after just seeing her on the field, Mikuru and Chiname began to worry and searched for her as Daisuke and Sakura continue the fight.
  • Mission 21 - Battle of Tomoe, Part 2
Finally finding Kasumi, Chien had tried to take her away but she was then saved by Mikuru and had then taken her with her and ran away from Chien. As the battle on the school grounds continued, Sakura had began to have trouble as Daisuke tries to keep the majority of the enemy on him, keeping them away from the school and the girls. Still running away, Mikuru and Kasumi had met with Chiname and was told about the man chasing Kasumi, so they tried their best to run from Chien and hid in the science room.
  • Mission 22 - Battle of Tomoe, Part 3
After defeating the seven pilots, Daisuke and Sakura were exhausted but then headed towards the school in their War Armors hoping to find Chien faster. Before he opened the science room door, Chien was discovered by Sakura and had chased him down, saving Kasumi and the other two girls and also forcing Chien to jump out of a school window to the back school grounds. When Chien had gotten out, Daisuke had noticed and had also jumped out to catch him, but before he could get to Chien, a War Armor as big as tall as the school had appeared from the forest behind the school and then he had jumped into it, starting the beginning of their first and final battle with each other.
  • Mission 23 - The Finale
When Chien had gotten into his giant War Armor, Daisuke had ordered Sakura to protect the other girls and all the people who haven't evacuated at all costs, since he knew that it was going to be a long and hard battle. Making the first move was Chien, reaching out his arm into the school but he was blocked by Daisuke as he flew and stopped him; Sakura then made everyone still in the school and school grounds escape as Daisuke and Chien fight each other. As the fight continued fiercely, all the people and Sakura had escaped, but as Daisuke was just about to be destroyed, Kasumi had suddenly stopped time without knowing with only her and Daisuke able to move, giving Daisuke the final blow against Chien's War Armor. Attacking with the final missile he had, Daisuke used Kasumi's ESPer ability to his advantage and finished off Chien in the five seconds that the time had been stopped for, ending the fight against Chien and killing him for good.
  • Mission 24 - Classified Information
With Chien finally dead, the biggest threat to Ghost Wolf gone and Daisuke and Sakura were ordered to return back to the Ghost Wolf HQ, making many people wonder what had happened to them and Kasumi sad that they're gone. When Kasumi's manager came to put her back into the idol business, she had decided to quit and then fired him, so she could become more like the person she could have more time with her friends. The next day, Daisuke and Sakura had came back to the city and met with Kasumi as she was going back home, explaining that she still needed bodyguards; when she had saw them, Kasumi was surprised and ran up to them and hugged and kissed Daisuke, making Sakura extremely jealous and Daisuke, for the first time in his life, shocked. It then ends with Sakura chasing Kasumi out of jealousy as she fools around with Sakura while Daisuke just stands still, still in shock with a blushing face.

Operation Ghost EpisodesEdit

  • Mission 1 - I'll Kill You
A pod is dropped down to an island and the person inside reponds to a transmission about his current status and also recieves the name, Shin Asakura; as he lands on a beach and exists out of the pod, he heads towards the academy. Now at the academy grounds, he meets and talks with a man named William Tristan, the dean of the academy, about his admission and the history of the school. After he finished talking to the dean, he goes behind a school building and recieves orders for his mission to find an organization named Poltergeist and kill anyone who knows his secret, but then a girl sees him near the end of his briefing and he then runs away from her; the next day, the girl, Helena Valkyria, wonders about the boy she saw but as class begins, the boy, Shin, is introduced to her class and then he tells her as he goes up the rows of desks "I'll kill you".
  • Mission 2 - Operation Ghost Hunt
Helena wonders about Shin and then suddenly has a vision showing him pointing a gun to her head on a balcony but then is snapped out of her vision when her rival, Ichigo Harumasa, and her fans suddenly appears with a challenge. Shin begins his mission to search for clues about Poltergeist around the schoolyards but found nothing that seemed suspiscious and headed to his dorm only to be interrupted by Toko Waruo and was about to be talked into being conned until he glared at Toko and made him runaway; when Shin got back to his dorm room, he was welcomed by Gilbert Pierre, his roommate, with a confetti cannon and only made Shin annoyed. At night, Shin went out of the dorm after curfew and searched again for clues to finding Poltergeist and found an unknown broken item, believing it was a clue; when day came, invitations were being sent out for the class of 2-A about an upcoming party that was being hosted by Helena, and she personally went to Shin with an invitation which he then ripped in half after recieving it.
  • Mission 3 - Protect Her With Your Life
There were two days left until Helena's party and most of the students and teachers of the high school part of the academy had already recieved their invitations for her party while Shin keeps turning down the invitations and recieving hate mail from Helena's fans and admirers. For the two remaining days, Helena keeps trying to give Shin an invitation to her party but keeps being turned down until she told him that it would be easier to kill her at the party than anywhere else since there would be a lot of empty rooms. Once it became night and the party began, everyone was surprised by Shin's appearance and was welcomed in by Helena personally; when Helena went to the balcony of the ballroom, Shin wet with her and pointed a gun at her head, just like her vision, but just as he turned off the safety, he recieves a call and there was a new objective in the mission: keep Helena Valkyria alive and safe from Poltergeist.
  • Mission 4 - Camouflage
During the party at Helena's academy home, a girl named Aisha saw Shin pointing a gun at Helena's head but thought it was her imagination, but she had conducted an investigation the next day to be sure. Aisha began to interview people who knew Shin, but there wasn't very many people since he just transferred so she began with the first student to talk with him, Toko, and had gotten nothing but lies about being the best of friends; she then interviewed Gilbert next but couldn't get much information from him either because he didn't know much about him and she was also very nervous around him; not getting very much information, Aisha began interviewing random students who knows of him and had only gotten opinions on his looks, his cold personality, his scariness, or a rumor about Helena having a crush on him. After getting so many deadends, Aisha went to the dean and had obtained Shin's enrollment form, only saying the basic things such as name, age, nationality, reason of enrollment, and average grade; finally having reached her limit, Aisha went to Helena for an interview but had told her nothing so Aisha went directly to Shin to interview him and all he said was "I'll kill you" with a cold and murderous glare then walks away leaving Aisha shivering in fear.
  • Mission 5 - Secret Files
Alexis Vladimir, the daughter of a Russian military leader and a member of the royal family, comes back to the academy after a week of skipping classes and sees Shin for the first time and instantly falls in love with him and becomes frozen in love; she was then unconsciously carried to class by her maids; when Alexis snapped out of her trance, Helena appears standing to her right and greets her after being away for so long and Alexis then talks about the boy she saw in the yard and how wonderful he was even though they haven't even met, and says that he's her target as Helena cheers her on not knowing who she was talking about. Once class began, Shin arrived late saying that he lost something on the way even though he was actually searching for more clues and went to his seat, which was next to Alexis, making her blush and studder when she was called to answer a question. After class ended, Shin left to search for more clues but encountered Alexis who confessed to him right after they met and Shin just answers "Who are you?" and breaks her heart, making her call for her small army, Secret Files, and chased away Shin only to be later called off after Helena told Alexis about Shin; in the end, Shin is confessed to by Ichigo but rejects her by calling her annoying and then he walks away.
  • Mission 6 - Visions
Helena kisses Shin as they stand on top of the school rooftop as the sun sets and he drops his gun to hug her; Helena is then woken up in surprise and blushing by her alarm only to find out that it was just a dream and gets ready to go to school. Before class began, Helena blushed and turned her head away when she saw Shin but continued to act as normal after that one time; as the day went on, Alexis started talking about Shin when they were together in lunch time and right after school ended, Ichigo appeared with another challenge to be number one; though physically through the entire day, Helena acted as normal but mentally, she was only thinking about the dream she had about Shin and her kissing each other, wondering if it was like the visions she saw before that became true or just a normal dream. In an aftermath of a battlefield, Shin meets a little girl who's life he saved, but just as she was about to give him a flower as way of thanking him, her head was shot by a bullet from the side, but right after the shot, Shin wakes up in the middle of the night sweating in fear and woke up Gilbert with his sudden scream; Shin gets up and heads out of the dorm as Gilbert then goes back to sleep, but as Shin gets to the Jeanne D'Arc memorial statue outside of the school, he meets with Helena and she then asks him if he loves her and he answers: "I'll kill you" and just walks back to his dorm while Helena smiles and also walks away.
  • Mission 7 - Stalker Days
Wondering about why Shin won't accept Ichigo's love, the Ichigo Fan Club President, Janis Jupiter, starts to think of a way to get him to like Ichigo and decides that she'll stalk him and get the help of Zwei Einsburg, the least noticable student in the academy, and begins to stalk Shin; through out the entire day, Zwei wonders why he agreed to helping Janis. As Janis and Zwei spies on Shin, they notice that he is looking for something and wanders the school grounds very often; after he finished wandering around, he stopped by the lake behind the academy and took out a sketchbook where he continues to draw the lake, where he is seen smiling for the first time since he transferred to the academy. When dawn came, Shin finally got up after finishing his drawing and headed back to his dorm as Zwei is woken up by Janis and they continue to follow him; as they followed him to the dorms, Helena notices the two spying on Shin; Shin then recieves a call and answers but just then, Helena appears behind the two and tells them asks them what they were doing then talked them back into stopping and right after they left, Shin notices a rustle in the bushes behind him and shoots two bullets at it and Helena then comes out with a smiling face; Janis and Zwei walks at night heading back to the dorms and wonders what he was doing looking around the grounds and if sketching was the only thing he likes to do, not knowing that Helena saved their lives.
  • Mission 8 - School Carnival
A week after the day Shin was Stalked, the teacher of class 2-A, Ciri Lotta, announced to the class of how lucky they were to be part of the D'Arc Academy Carnival and how it only comes once every six years and then tells them to think of ideas of class projects for the carnival, but she then goes back to teaching the class and leaves most of the class very curious of what to do. As the class goes on, Miss Lotta starts to blurt out her thoughts as she teaches and makes her class very worried; after class ended, the students started to put in their ideas for the class project and once all the ideas were put into a box, only four papers came out, the first idea was a academics contest put in by Zwei and it was immidiately turned down by everyone but him, the second was a history of weaponry museum put in by Alexis and was also turned down but this time was for dangerous reasons, the third was to create an Ichigo statue put in by the Ichigo Fan Club and it was also turned down by everyone but them. Since the first three ideas were bad, Miss Lotta didn't expect anything good for the fourth and last one until she saw it, the idea was to make an art gallery out of their own creations put in by Shin, which surprised and amazed everyone, so they began preperations for the carnival and their project the next day, ending with Shin smiling after he saw the students putting up their arts.
  • Mission 9 - La Galerie d'Art
On the day of D'Arc Academy's school carnival, every class had completed their projects and the academy was open for everyone of any social class; there were many cafes, stores, plays, concerts, and contests, but only one gallery, which was made by class 2-A and was surprisingly the most popular of the attractions; in the gallery class 2-A named La Galerie d'Art were many sketches, paintings, statues, and custom designed instruments, which at least half of them were all made by one person, Shin Asakura. The only people who weren't surprised about Shin's artworks were Janis and Zwei but they were surprised by the amount he contributed to the gallery, but the one who was most surprised by Shin's artwork was Gilbert, since he was his roommate and he had never once seen Shin ever even look at a piece of paper outside of class so the thing he wondered most about was where Shin put all of his artworks; as the day continued on, many people saw the gallery and some even wanted to buy some of the arts. When night came, the carnival was over for the people but was only the middle for the students; the dean along with many teachers came out from behind the academy buildings in huge floats and all partied with the students until midnight came; during the party, Shin was still in the Galerie d'Art looking at one painting which he admired but didn't know who painted it until Helena came into the room and talked to him about the painting and they weren't with the others; eventually in their chat, Shin explained why he liked art so much and then Helena kisses him after he finishes his story.
  • Mission 10 - Terror Attack
The next day after the school carnival, classes were off for the remaining days of the week because everyone had worked so hard on the carnival and also partied for so long at the carnival; when Shin had woken up, he recieved a call from his commander and remembers about the search for Poltergeist so he got up as fast as he could and continued his mission, reverting back to the way he was before the carnival and ignoring everyone who sees him on his search; Helena then suddenly wakes up from hearing her alarm and has a horrific face as she remembers a part of her dream, showing a someone in the D'Arc uniform covered with blood and a twisted smile holding a gun that looked like Shin's gun. As Shin searches for clues, he is greeted by many people who saw his arts but coldly ignores them and even pushed down Ichigo after she tried to confess again and she then felt a sudden chill of fear worse than ever before when she saw his eyes, as if he was going to kill someone. In a dark hidden room, a man named Geist Anderson recieves a report from someone about a girl with a special power and then the man is shot dead with and is laughed at by Geist as he then puts on his mask and orders an attack on D'Arc Academy using War Armors not showing anyone mercy except for Helena Valkyria; seven War Armors then suddenly appear out from the city and kill many people as they headed towards the academy.
  • Mission 11 - Unmasked Murderer
Hearing about the chaos in the city, the students of D'Arc Academy were immidiately put into the school's safe zones as the War Armors burst into the academy shooting down many random things but not knowing that they weren't killing anyone in the academy until Geist stopped them by telling them that they were all idiots. The terrorists then started exploring the academy buildings but found no one, so three of them began to search on foot inside the buildings until one of them found a strange door in the dean's office where he found stairs that headed towards the academy's safe zone; when he got to the safe zone door, he didn't tell anyone because he wanted to kill them all himself and had opened the door ready to torture some kids; after he opened the door, many students cryed in fear and closed their eyes, but just before the terrorist shot his machine gun, two gunshots went off and everyone inside the room were saved. When the students and teachers opened their eyes, they saw Shin holding a handgun and pointing at the dying terrorist who he shot; not dead yet, the terrorist begged for mercy as Shin glares at him with a murderous smile and then shoots him even more while laughing until he ran out of bullets.
  • Mission 12 - Bloody Hero
After killing the terrorist, the students were even more terrified of Shin than the terrorist who was about to kill them; Shin then laughs maniacally and drops his gun, it was just as Helena feared, it was Shin who had the bloody uniform and murderous smile, but as he laughs, Helena notices that a tear ran down his eye so she ran to hold him tightly to try to calm him down. Shin then stops laughing and drops to his knees and began to quietly cry as Helena lets go of him and as he remembers the time he saw a little girl get killed; Shin then wipes away his tears and gets up and gives the people in the room instructions on what to do if they wanted to live but Toko then stands up and questions Shin about the instructions since he just killed someone but he then answers by telling Toko that he is actually an experienced agent and soldier for Ghost Wolf, an advanced mercenary group who was hired to search for the terrorist organization, Poltergeist, and also to protect Helena Valkyria from them; Shin then shows his ID as proof and then gives them the instructions like before. The people who were to help Shin were the dean William Tristan and Miss Lotta for strength back-up, Toko, Zwei, Ichigo and her group to search for escape routes, Alexis, Gilbert and Aisha for distractions, and Helena for a fake dealing if needed; Shin then assigned leaders for the groups, Shin, Alexis, Zwei, Janis, and Gilbert, and gave them guns that he carried with him just in case and then began the mission.
  • Mission 13 - Mission Failure
After beginning the mission, everyone tried to follow the orders to the best they can and managed to do greatly until Ciri slipped and had Shin's group discovered, so he called Alexis to call in Secret Files to start the distraction earlier than planned as he and his group ran to the beach where he left his pod; Janis and the Ichigo Fan Club finds a way out through the lake and calls Shin about it, then he tells her to secure the area and make sure no one is there and can find them and then get as much people through there as possible; Zwei, Ichigo, and Toko also found a way out but they were spotted by one of the terrorists but he was knocked out right after he saw them by Ichigo as she screamed out "Pervert!" and kicked him in the crotch, knocking him out, so they then took this as an advantage and ran back to search for the other search group. Finally at the beach, Shin goes to disengage the cloaking on his War Armor and gave the dean his gun to protect the two girls on their way to the lake; when Alexis' army got into the school grounds, they managed to fight on equal grounds with Poltergeist until Geist disappeared and reappeared again minutes later with a giant War Armor as big as the main D'Arc Academy building, and just when he was about to crush Secret Files with a swing of the War Armor's arm, another War Armor flies to the arm and stops it; inside the War Armor was Shin, and it had surprised Geist that there was actually an agent inside the academy, and they began to fight each other. When all of the students and staff of the academy escaped through the lake, Helena saw a vision of Shin fighting so she went back to the school grounds where the battle was taking place; when Helena got to the fight, Shin noticed her and told her to run away but she doesn't and instead has visions of Geist's incoming attacks so she tells him when to dodge and attack. When Geist's War Armor malfunctioned because of Shin's attacks, he jumped out and grabbed Helena hostage then pushed her down and shot her leg to show to Shin that she wasn't of any importance to Poltergeist anymore if he was dead; Shin then stopped and landed his War Armor and then got out, and when he did, Helena has a vision and saw that Geist didn't have any bullets so she yells it out and made Shin shoot, killing Geist and saving the school; hours after the battle, it became dawn and Helena was on the rooftop of the high school building looking at the sunset, Shin then appears pointing a gun at her and recieves a call right after Helena told him to answer his phone; the man on the other side of the phone then told him that the mission was a total failure so he was fired but allowed to keep the name, so they both smiled and the man then told Shin: "Good luck with her" then cuts the line, permenantly, and just then, Helena steps closer to Shin and kissed him while he dropped his gun to hug her.

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