This is the list of episodes for the anime A Little Ghost Story


  • First Case - Sakurako City Ghost Stories; The Forming of the Ghost Story Club!
  • Second Case - The Piano's Soul
  • Third Case - Mystery of the Cherry Blossoms
  • Fourth Case - The Girl of the Shrine
  • Fifth Case - Playing with Dolls
  • Sixth Case - Falling Trees; A Samurai Ghost!?
  • Seventh Case - Haunting a Hunter
  • Eighth Case - Horror Beyond Horrors; A Mother's Fears
  • Ninth Case - Beauty of the Dead
  • Tenth Case - Tears of a Flower; A New Friend
  • Eleventh Case - Living Dead; A Vampire!?
  • Twelfth Case - Searching Through Blood
  • Thirteenth Case - A Nightmare's Nightmare; The Final Ghost Story

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