A New Tale"











After Cillian has Woken for his Death, a Man named Nanao helps him to Escape.

Live Action 5-Parter FinaleEdit

No. in
No. In
Title Directed by
26 1 Begin of the End Part 1 
Cillian Returned to the Real World after the End of the Swordsmen War. He Decide to Take a Break for a Day from his Adventures by Visting his Family again but His Mom's in a 17 Year Coma and Discover about Someone who Cause the Dangerous War in the Cartoon Realm. So He Decides to Team Up with His Cousins and His Dad and Sister on an Journey to Dublin to Fight the Mastermind.
27 1 "Begin of the End Part 2 
On His Arrival of his Final Adventure, Cillian Heading towards the Tower where the Mastermind is, and The Mastermind Reveals as  Yuu Kotegawa (Yui's Brother), So He's Challenging him into an Duel.
28 1 Being of the End Part 3 
29 1 Begin of the End Part 4 
30 1 "Begin of the End Part 5 

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