Life and Weird times of Mia


Comedy, Slice of Life, Bishonen, Romance, Half-Yaoi, Shonen-ai


TV-14, TV-PG (D,S)

School Worries! Adventures and Misadventures of Miyoko! (Life and Weird Times of Mia in dub) is a slice of life anime series that revolves around a teenage girl's adventures both at home and school along with her friends, though her life can be a little wacky at times. This series has a similarity to Lucky Star.


The story revoles around the lives around a teenager and her 6 friends while in a school filled with people with weird and quirky personalities. The setting is a small city and a town in america. The main character is Miyoko Hiroshugo (Mia Evans in dub), a smart yet supportive girl who moves into a town called Haruno Town (Cavenport Town in dub) after her parents' jobs got upgraded. She later attends high school, which had a rocky start at first but later befriends with Hikari Rotora and Haruka Kiwara.

She befriended with 4 other classmates whom are male:her crush, Kenta Toshiro, high school soccer star Akio Konatou, a yaoi artist (and a bishie boy himself) Haru Suzuki, and bad boy, Hosei Kenjo. The storyline also includes few references to past and present anime and manga and other students are introduced throughout the series. Plus, at the end of every episode, there is a short segment called "Showtime Review!" where Akio and Hosei host the segment and often times arguing to each other, until in episode 20, their director, Maemi Tonoka, threw a bad temper to both of them and threatens them to work together or else she will fire them and "destroy them". This threat scares both Akio and Hosei, but later they got along. But sometimes one of them is out sick or on vacation, one of them gets replaced by Haru, Hikari, Maemi or Miyoko until their return.


  • Miyoko Hiroshugo (Mia Evans in dub)
  • Hikari Rotora (Kimberly "Kimmy" Bridges in dub)
  • Haruka Kiwara (Christina Aven in dub)
  • Kenta Toshiro (Austin Myers in dub)
  • Hosei Kenjo (Dante Masterson in dub)
  • Akio Konatou (Brandon Sanders in dub)
  • Haru Suzuki (Aaron Knightley in dub)

Minor CharactersEdit

  • Kuri Toshiro (Emily "Emmie" Myers in dub)
  • Kameko Konatou (Rose Sanders in dub)
  • Michiko Izumi (Ms. Hannon in dub)
  • Nara Kenjo (Mira Masterson in dub)
  • Maemi Tonoka (Aileen Harris in dub)

Music and SongsEdit


Lucky Star opening01:23

Lucky Star opening

Opening Theme (Japanese Version)

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