Life Rotation
Created by HaruNinfia
Writer(s) HaruNinfia
No. of episodes 26
Run time 24 minutes
Animation Studio A-1 Pictures
Network Fuji TV

Life Rotation (ライフ・ローテーション Raifu Rōtēshon) is an anime series.



Main CharactersEdit

Soramaru MitsujiEdit

Soramaru Mitsuji (光道空丸)

Yuutaro KanekawaEdit

Yuutaro Kanekawa (金川優太郎)

Mitsuji HouseholdEdit

Ami MitsujiEdit

Ami Mitsuji (光道亜美)

Mamoru MitsujiEdit


Ichirou MitsujiEdit

Ichirou Mitsuji (光道一郎)

Shinjirou MitsujiEdit

Shinjirou Mitsuji (光道新二郎)

Kasumi MitsujiEdit


Soramaru's ClassmatesEdit

Ayane KawaiEdit

Ayane Kawai (可愛綾祢)

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