Lerich Snomis (Japanese: Reriku Sunomisu) is the main villian from the Terrible Luck Saga who wants to make Sonic and Co. his slaves. After they resist, he tries to hunt them down and kill them. During Sour Encounters he starts dating Irrika Vexus, who also becomes evil. He is a true sadist that loves to hurt other creatures, even stating that he found harming living creatures to be enjoyable. He is also an alcoholic, as evidenced in the game when he is seen holding liquor bottles in a few of his appearances.


  • "Wherever you go, I will find you and when I do, I shall kill you with one hand behind my back!"


Dark Magic, Giant knife, Large Spiked Club, Cleated boots.


Lerich dies in The Final Call from impalement.


Lerich is voiced by Ken Narita in the Japanese version and by Chuck Huber in the English dub. His English voice is modeled after that of late voice actor Tony Jay.

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